Why did Zac Efron dress up like a fisherman?
by Ana Walia | Tue, 25 Jan 2022 21:58:23 GMT
Image Source: Bollywood Trendy, 247 News Around The World

Actor Zac Efron has partnered with AT&T to help host ‘Life, Gig-ified’, a virtual press event for AT&T Fiber, and announced an upgrade on speed AT&T Fiber 2-Gig and 5-Gig and reliability of customer’s home internet. 

Zac Efron shared with People, "I thought it was a cool opportunity to learn more about the future of tech and communication at home. I love that there are no rules in this new world of creating content…but no guidelines and unlimited freedom can also be the cause of great frustration, it can work for and against you." For the commercial, Zac can be seen playing a long-bearded fisherman next to himself as the two of them discuss the benefits of AT&T’s new device. He took to his social media to share the commercial with a caption, “I thought I understood the relationship between fishing and the internet, but then here comes #ATTFiber, now delivering up to 5-Gigs of speed. Totally game-changing. Literally.”

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After winning a Daytime Emmy Award in 2021 for his documentary series, ‘Down to Earth with Zac Efron’, the actor is now keen on pushing and motivating himself for the new challenges in 2022. He said, "I am honestly just grateful for good health and happiness coming out of this pandemic. In terms of goals and resolutions, I always want to challenge myself, personally and professionally, be more mindful and take time to appreciate the simple things in life."

Zac who is passionate about traveling is hoping to explore new places and cultures in the coming months and shared with E! News, "Travel is one of my greatest passions in life. I love to explore new places and immerse myself in their culture and learn different ways of life." During an interaction with People, Zac was asked what does his typical day off looks like to which he replied, "sleeping in, a good work out, maybe playing some games or watching movies with friends and dinner at a great restaurant."

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Talking about tech, Zac shared that he is also a huge fan of gaming and added, "The first game I remember really loving was Zelda on N64 and the Super Smash Brothers on Nintendo 64. I have been gaming with friends and family since the Super Nintendo days so it's been a long time. I've never played World of Warcraft because it looks so hard to wrap my head around!"

Zac Efron who rose to fame as Troy Bolton from the High School Musical series shared that focusing on the art of it and staying positive no matter what has helped him to stay grounded over the years. The actor also mentioned that for decompressing or letting the stress wear off he stops and takes it slow to get grounded. 

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After winning the Daytime Emmy Awards 2021, he wrote on Twitter, "Wow! Never expected this and so grateful. A HUGE thank you to @DaytimeEmmys @netflix and our small but powerful crew, #downtoearth who made this show what it is. And most of all, thank all of you for watching and enjoying D2E. This is for you. [heart emoji] (sic)". The actor will soon  be seen in upcoming movies, ‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever ‘ on AppleTV+ and ‘Firestarter’.