Why didn't Kaley Cuoco bag her role in Knives Out 2?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 19 Apr 2022 01:48:13 GMT
Kaley Cuoco was denied the role in Knives Out 2 and replaced by Kate Hudson; Credits: Hollywood Reporter

The Flight Attendant actress is heartbroken over losing a role she really wanted to play. 

Just recently, Kaley Cuoco revealed that she has not been selected for a part in Knives Out 2 by Rian Johnson when talking with Glamour. She shared that she had auditioned through the difficult screening and auditioning process for the film. Yet, the role of the Netflix film was handed over to Kate Hudson

The murder mystery film is a sequel to the film of the same name and was shot in Greece by Johnson. The star cast included the original hero of the film, Daniel Craig, who reprised his role and was joined by new celebrities, including Kate Hudson, Dave Bautista, Kathryn Hahn, and Ethan Hawke

After having gone through the trying audition, Cuoco thought that she had won over the role. Yet, Kate Hudson bagged the part instead of her. Kaley was so adamant about getting the part that she was already convinced that she would get to go to Greece for shooting the film. 

In the end, she lost her dream role and it totally broke her. She admitted that she does not usually feel this bad about losing roles but she was almost positive that she would star in Knives Out 2. 

The actress had already been through reading sessions for the film and had appeared in Zoom auditions. Kaley Cuoco admitted that she spent the whole night crying and was devastated that the role went to Kate. But she admitted that Hudson is a good alternative for the part. 

But very fortunately for the actress, just after she was denied the role in Knives Out 2, she received another role along with the script. Now, she will star opposite Pete Davidson in a romantic comedy film, Meet Cute. 

The actress shared that she is looking forward to "Meet Cute" now and would enjoy shooting it. On the other hand, if she had received the role in Knives Out 2, she would not have been able to say yes to the romantic comedy film. While there is a silver lining to the situation, the actress does lament not getting to work in the Jonathan production. 

“I mean, I was gutted over that,” Cuoco shared when explaining how she felt when she lost the “Knives Out 2” role. “And that’s when I thought I was on fire, like, I’m for sure getting that. And they were like, ‘No, we’re going to go with Kate.'”

She was really excited to work with Daniel Craig and thought they would have good chemistry together. Yet she is happy for securing the role that she did receive. 

She admits that Knives Out 2 would have been a great experience but Kate Hudson is a good addition to the film's cast. Kaley shared that Kate was destined to get her dream role and she herself was destined for Meet Cute. She is still holding out hope and wishes that she could probably get to star in the third installment of the film when it comes out. 

The actress is now also looking forward to her second season of The Flight Attendant. The series will make a comeback to HBO Max on April 21. There is presently no official release date when it comes to Knives Out 2. However, the film is expected to release somewhere around fall this year. 

Hence, the next Daniel Craig starring film is just around the corner, where he will be reprising his role as a private detective, Benoit Blanc, in the film's second installment. Apart from the directorial feature of Rian Johnson, the film's writing is also by the phenomenal director. 

Before the official release in the theaters, it is expected to be screened at festivals, though it is not revealed which of the film festivals will host the screening. The film is already expected to make it to the run for the Netflix Awards season in the coming year. 

Netflix made headlines with its strong debut in the awards season with productions like "The Power of the Dog" by Jane Campion, "Don't Look Up" by Adam McKay, and "Tick, Tick ... Boom!" by Lin-Manuel Miranda. The films made an overall good impact throughout the award shows held this year. 

The production of the film was expected to come to a close by September 2021, and yet there is not much information about the movie revealed. Janelle Monáe, Leslie Odom Jr, Jessica Henwick, and Madelyn Cline will also star in the film. 

The cinematography comes under the wing of Steve Yedlin, the cinematographer of the first film too, along with Bob Ducsay holding the editing reins. Director and writer of the film, Rian Johnson, will also produce the film along with Ram Bergman as they unite under the T-Street label. Johnson is already exceptionally revered as a director for works like "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" and "Looper."

The film will follow the original Knives Out film which was produced under the Lionsgate banner and produced by Media Rights Capital. The film received much love and appreciation from both the audience and the critics. 

It collected over $311 million at the box office with only a budget of $40 million as set by director Johnson. The director went on to receive an Oscar and a BAFTA accolade for his work on the film as the Best Original Screenplay. 

The film stars a full celebrity cast, including the phenomenal Bond actor; Credits: Indiewire

The latest production was announced by Netflix, along with a shocking budget of $450 million for the next two sequels in the installment, after its initial hit. It would be amazing to see where the cast and the director lead the story of the murder mystery now that the film has to meet so many expectations!