Why does Kate Middleton feel 'betrayed' by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?
by Ana Walia | Fri, 23 Dec 2022 14:15:44 GMT
Prince William, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Image Source: Glamour 

Kate Middleton is not happy.

According to reports, Kate Middleton is upset with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after the release of their Netflix docuseries "Harry and Meghan."

According to reports, Prince William and Kate Middleton are still coping with the aftermath of the docudrama, and a source stated that Prince Harry is not on amicable terms with his sister-in-law because she feels wronged and is very unhappy with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

According to a source, Prince William has chosen not to share his part of the story or fight back against Prince Harry's claim, instead trying to remain honorable and going about his business as usual.According to the insider, Kate Middleton, who had a great relationship with her brother-in-law, feels betrayed by the documentary series and cannot fully comprehend why he would act this way toward her.

According to the source, Prince William held out hope that the family might move on after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's CBS interview in March 2021, but the newly released Netflix docudrama has left him disheartened, especially because he had never expected his brother to represent him and the rest of the family in a pessimistic light. According to the source, Harry telecasted Prince William's dirty laundry has only aggravated the two brothers' dispute and caused them to take a second look.

Meghan Markle discusses William and Kate for the first time in a docudrama when she mentions the differences between British and American culture. Meghan stated that when she first got to meet the royal couple, they arrived at her house for dinner, and she was taken by surprise by how formal the royal couple was not only in front of the public but in real life as well like behind closed doors as well.

In one of the episodes, Prince Harry claimed that his brother, Prince William, had broken a pact they decided to make not to let their offices exchange negative publicity stories concerning each other. He went on to say that when he and William had seen what occurred in their father's office, they made an agreement that they'd never let it eventuate them, and that he was rather be destroyed in the press than participate in the game or business of trading. Harry went on to say that it was saddening to see his brother's office doing the exact thing which they had promised to refrain from doing.

The issue, according to Prince Harry, is when an individual who is marrying in and should be a supporting act keeps stealing the spotlight or does the job more efficiently than the individual who was created to do this. He added that it transitions the balance as they have been led to believe that being on the front page of those newspaper articles is the only way for their charitable organizations to succeed and for their reputation to grow or enhance.

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During an interview with Oprah, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex revealed that the Prince and Princess of Wales had made Meghan cry just before the royal wedding over her choice for the flower girl after which Prince William told the reporter that the royals are not racist. Prince Harry also alluded to a 2020 report about just the siblings' feuding, asserting he had not agreed to issue a joint declaration dismissing the story about Prince William harassing him and Markle out of the family.

In the Netflix docudrama, the Duke of Sussex stated that nobody had asked for his authorization to sign such a declaration. Katie Nicholl, a royals author who has long had close ties to the royals, then stated that Kate Middleton was devastated about the crying altercation being revealed because she is extremely careful with how she tends to treat others. Months later, investigative journalist Tom Bower attempted to claim that Markle was the person who caused her sister-in-law to "burst into tears."

In Episode 6 of "Harry & Meghan," which premiered Thursday, Markle's lawyer, Jenny Afia, recollects how the presiding judge over the Duchess of Sussex's legal case ruled in her favor in 2021. He asserts that Associated Newspapers unsurprisingly appealed, and that as they prepared to go to court on the appeal, a senior member of William's team came forth to give his witness statement, which isn't even required, and that there was no way he could have done and that without the authority of his bosses.

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Afia is referring to Jason Knauf, a former communications secretary for Prince William and Kate Middleton, as well as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Harry also claims that William lost his cool during a group meeting after he and Meghan Markle announced their intention to depart the royal family in January 2020. He explained that it was frightening to have his brother shout and scream at him, and his father, then Prince Charles make statements that were simply not true, and my grandmother [Queen Elizabeth II] silently sit there and take it all in.

A source close to William and Kate said that William and Kate's advisers have notified them about the show and they are disappointed with how Meghan and Harry have portrayed the family and they have no plans to watch it.

"Harry & Meghan," is streaming currently on Netflix.