Why is Ezra Miller again under the spotlight? Find out here.
by Ana Walia | Fri, 01 Jul 2022 20:06:14 GMT
Ezra Miller is once again in the news. Image Source: Insider 

Ezra Miller is once again in the news.

A woman has come forward with allegations that actor Ezra Miller, who is famous for playing the DC superhero The Flash, had apparently choked her and attacked her in April 2020 in Iceland (the videos had went viral at the time). Ezra Miller, who identifies as nonbinary and uses the pronoun they/them, began wearing out their time in Iceland during the pandemic.

Ezra Miller was all set to start filming "Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore" in London when the  pandemic halted all the projects for the industry, and Ezra started visiting bars in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavk, and the locals began to befriend them as people were able to recognize them from their previous work. Many recognized Ezra Miller from their earliest breakout movies, including The Perks of Being a Wallflower and "We Need to Talk About Kevin," in which they played troubled teens who brought a bow and arrow to school and murdered their classmates.

At the same time, it was reported that Ezra Miller started to show a different side of them which was volatile, which started to concern the Icelanders, and a bartender at Priki Kaffihs, which is a pub near Reykjavk, Carlos Reynir said that there was always something with Ezra and mentioned that he had to intervene in two of the altercations at Priki Kaffihs that involved Ezra Miller. Recalling the incident, Carlos said that Ezra Miller had gotten into banter with a male patron and ended up with Ezra Miller choke-holding the male patron and slapping him, and stated that after he intervened, Ezra Miller apologized to the male patron, who later shrugged the entire thing off as a joke.

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The bartender mentioned that they let that thing go as if it was just two friends who got drunk and got into a fight, which was harmless and almost happens twice a weekend in Iceland. But the Priki Kaffihs’ bartender mentioned that the second altercation involving Ezra Miller was when they assaulted a young woman, and soon that incident grabbed global headlines when video footage went viral in April 2020. Ezra can be seen placing the young woman in a chokehold and pushing her to the ground.

The woman, who has chosen to be anonymous, has now come forward and is sharing what has happened. She stated that she had inquired about their feet after noticing some wounds, to which Ezra Miller replied that they were battle scars from a fight, and she began to walk away but turned around to joke that she could take them in a fight, to which Ezra Miller replied that did she want to fight, and the woman told them to meet her in the smoking area in two minutes.

Ezra met her and she said that she thought it was fun and games until it was not. She explained that all of a sudden they were on top of her, choking her, screaming at her, and asking if she still wanted to fight. The bartender finally broke up the fight and alleged that Ezra Miller grabbed him by the throat and spit in his face. They were finally pushed outside the bar.

Another woman who identifies as Nadia shared that after being friends with Ezra Miller and their sexual encounter in 2020, the actor was invited by Nadia to her Berlin apartment in February 2022 and their friendly encounter soon converted into something wild where Nadia asked Ezra to not smoke inside the apartment and witnessed their mood shift.

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Nadia claimed that it simply set them off, and even after she begged them to leave, they continued to call her derogatory names like a Nazi and a transphobe. Nadia said that she thought things were unpleasant, nasty, and incredibly intrusive when Ezra was roaming through her house looking at everything and touching everything, and dropping tobacco leaves on the floor. She told Variety that the encounter severely troubled her and that, although she never felt at risk of sexual assault at the moment, she felt frightened and worried that they may somehow harm her physically. Variety confirms that Nadia filed a criminal complaint regarding her encounter in April with the Berlin office of the German State Prosecutor. Ezra Miller was facing a trespassing accusation, but the prosecutor's office says it has ended its investigation since the actor is no longer in Germany.

Nadia noticed news stories a little over a month after she claimed meeting with Ezra Miller that the actor had been detained in Hawaii for disorderly behavior and harassment during another stormy bar encounter. The actor captures a large portion of the incident for, as they put it, "NFT crypto art" in body-cam footage of Ezra Miller's arrest in Hawaii that was made public by TMZ in May. They claim in the video that a bar patron "identified himself as a Nazi" and claimed a police officer touched their penis while searching.

Nadia understood that other people had had similar experiences with the actor. She commented, "It feels like a trend. They exploit the jet set." Following the second arrest in Hawaii in April for second-degree assault after reportedly throwing a chair at a lady, leaving her with a cut on her forehead, the actor also had two protection orders put in place against him. The parents of a now-18-year-old  Gibson Iron Eyes from the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North and South Dakota made the initial complaint, according to the Los Angeles Times, alleging that Ezra Miller grooming their daughter who identifies as non-binary, between the ages of 12 and 18 stating that they met during the protest for the LandBack Reclamation Movement and since then Gibson had dropped out of private  school in Massachusetts in December 2021. Gibson's parents allege in the documents that Ezra Miller controls a young teenage through drugs, assault, intimidation, threats of violence, terror, psychosis, and delusions.

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Gibson finally came forward and gave a statement that their parents are transphobic and denied all the allegations against the actor and clarified that they dropped out of school after a dear friend passed away and they needed time and space to heal and Ezra Miller had only provided them with a safe space and loving support. 

In a Rolling Stone exposé published earlier this month, it was claimed that Ezra Miller had also been sheltering a lady and her children on a property in Vermont under extremely dangerous living circumstances, including having loaded firearms lying about the home where the kids could get them. Later, the woman stated that Ezra had assisted her in escaping an abusive marriage with her children. 

According to a source close to the situation, Ezra Miller intends to respond to the allegations at some point, but for the time being, they are preferring to remain silent and focus on their well-being and rehabilitation.