Why is Hailey Bieber requesting that people respect her privacy?
by Ana Walia | Wed, 13 Apr 2022 19:54:32 GMT
Hailey Bieber has a few things to say. Image Source: Harper's Bazaar 

Hailey Bieber has a few things to say to her trolls. 

Hailey Bieber posted a video on TikTok in which she tells the trolls to leave her alone! The model shared that her message was for the people who are in her comment section every single time she posts anything. She stated that she is minding her own business; she does not do or say anything. She also requested that her trolls leave her alone.

The model continued by stating that enough time has passed that it’s valid to leave her alone and added that it’s her only request to be left alone. There are no clarifications on what triggered Hailey Bieber to post the clip, but it has been reported that it could have been because of the comments she received about Selena Gomez, who was linked to her husband off and on from 2011 to 2018.

Hailey Bieber shared a TikTok video of herself lip-syncing to Justin Bieber’s hit song "One Time" earlier this month along with fellow model Justin Skye, but soon several comments started to fill up her comment section where people started pointing out that it was a song that Justin Bieber wrote about Selena Gomez. She was previously taunted by Selena Gomez’s fans when she and Justin Bieber appeared at the Met Gala and some of the fans started to chant her name as the couple posed for pictures.

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During one of the live chats, a couple of fans suggested that people who are hardcore shippers of Jelena should fill up the comment section with Jelena comments and remind Hailey Baldwin about how much better Selena Gomez is than her. There were a couple of videos that surfaced at the time that showcased that listening to Selena Gomez's names while they posed for pictures did make the couple uncomfortable for a minute but then they ignored the fans and kept their heads high and enjoyed themselves. 

Justin Bieber took a stand for his lady love and said that this (chanting Selena Gomez’s name when Hailey and he were posing for the media) was a sad excuse for a human being. He was disappointed with the people who went after his wife, trying to prove that his previous relationship was better. The singer added that it’s very hard for him to choose the high road when he can see people bullying the one person he loves the most in the world, and it's not right.

Without addressing the controversy, Selena Gomez also urged her fans not to tear down or demean any women for any reason. It has been reported that Selena did not like that some of the fans thought that it was appropriate for them to yell her name while Hailey and Justin walked up the steps at the MET Gala and were posing for cameras.

Hailey Bieber is also no stranger to shutting the trolls down, as she recently shut them down when people pointed out that she was pregnant because of the choice of dress she wore on the red carpet of the 2022 Grammy Awards. People pointed out that she chose a flowing gown for the night to hide her baby bump.

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Hailey Bieber responded by stating that she is not pregnant and urged everyone to leave her alone. The rumors of her pregnancy started when Justin Bieber mentioned previously that they would start trying to have a baby, but Hailey Bieber, during her cover story interview for Wall Street Journal Magazine’s Spring Women’s Fashion issue, mentioned that maybe it’s going to take them a couple of years to have a baby because she is young and she has so much more to accomplish as an individual before she starts giving her time to her family.

In her recent cover issue of Allure for May, Hailey Bieber shared about why she chose to step back from certain aspects of the industry. She said that she had a bad experience with a casting director who was very important and he said something to her agent that broke her confidence when it came to the runway. Hailey added that she does not want to feel bad about herself when she walks the ramp, and at one point, she got conscious about it because of the comments that she heard from a casting director. Hailey Bieber mentioned that she did not want to put herself in a position where she did not enjoy what she was doing but at the same time she was enjoying working on other things, so she took a step back from the runway and simply shifted her focus onto other important things that made her happy. (Maybe her YouTube channel is one of the things)

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The model, who has just introduced her skincare line, "Rhode," inspired by her mother and grandmother, shared that she recalls her mother hydrating her body as soon as she was out of the bath and focused on keeping her skin healthy and that has always stuck with her. She added that it's something that her grandmother taught her mother and her mother taught her. 

Talking about the competition, Hailey said that she was aware of it but she is confident and feels that her brand will soon make its way into the minds and hearts of the people and that it is going to be something refreshing and different from all the skincare brands that are already out. Hailey added that she has given some of her skincare products to makeup artists to try on their clients and she has had great feedback on them.