Why is Jennifer Aniston seeking professional help for her sleep problems?
by Ana Walia | Mon, 18 Apr 2022 21:17:57 GMT
Jennifer Aniston shares about her sleep problems. Image Source: People 

Jennifer Aniston shares about her sleep problems.

Actress Jennifer Aniston recently revealed during an interview that she has struggled with sleep problems for decades, ranging from insomnia to sleepwalking. Talking to People, the Friends actress shared that it started when she was in her 30s or maybe even earlier, but just like everyone else, she did not notice the effects of lack of sleep initially until it started to get worse for her. 

Jennifer Aniston added that she accepted that she had sleep problems, but it took her some time to realize the effects of lack of sleep and how it affected one’s body, work, functioning of the mind, and most importantly, physique. She explained that she would go to bed trying to sleep but ended up watching the clock for hours and found it hard to fall asleep.

The actress mentioned that she has found herself sleepwalking around the house sometimes, but mentions that maybe she has dropped this habit of sleepwalking now. She added that she has been woken up by house alarms going off that she had set, which she usually did when she was super sleep-deprived. The Morning Show actress shared that she tried to avoid seeking help for her sleep problems, but in the last few years, she realized that the problem is serious and she needs professional help with it.

Jennifer Aniston said that her sleep problems became something that she was struggling with and it would be the last thing on her list, but she realized that she could not abide by the three pillars of her health-diet, sleep, and exercise-so she understood that if she couldn’t exercise, she couldn’t eat right if she couldn't sleep well, because the body clock is thrown off completely if one of the things becomes imbalanced.

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Now, the actress tries to set her bedtime every night, cuddle up with her three dogs, leave her phone out of the room, and sleep. She has recently joined a new campaign, "Seize the Night and Day," where people can find news and advice when they are struggling with sleep problems. Along with seeking help, Jennifer Aniston has tried to develop a nighttime ritual and tries to wind herself down before she goes to sleep.

In an interview with The Dr. Oz Show in 2014, Jennifer Aniston spoke up about her sleep problems and shared that she turned to technology to help her out and installed an app on her phone that allowed her to track her sleep rhythms. She also shared at the time that her sleepwalking problem created a negative impact on her work, diet, and ability to exercise, which is why she sought professional help.

Talking about her partnership with Seize the Night and the Day, Jennifer Aniston shared that she was aware that she was suffering from Insomnia and she knows a lot of people who suffer from insomnia or lack of sleep and she just wants to be able to provide the right information and help people in achieving better experience in their day. She added that she is very grateful for the partnership as she gets to help an individual just like she needed help.

Jennifer Aniston shared that the website is very helpful and it helps in making a conversation going and individuals can find solutions for their sleep problems.

Jennifer Aniston has recently wrapped up the shoot of "Murder Mystery 2" with friend and co-star Adam Sandler in Paris. Murder Mystery 2 is a sequel to the Netflix movie. In December, Adam Sandler opened up about his friendship with Jennifer Aniston and shared she is certainly not afraid to show him up on set and shared that Jen and his wife have this tag-team thing in trying to make him healthier. Adam added that she is funny and makes everyone around her happy.