Why is Joe Alwyn so protective of his relationship with Taylor Swift?
by Ana Walia | Sun, 17 Apr 2022 09:55:31 GMT
Joe Always and Taylor Swift. Image Source: Brides

Joe Alwyn opens up about his upcoming show and his relationship with Taylor Swift.

Joe Alwyn, who will be seen in Hulu’s upcoming series "Conversations with Friends," based on Sally Rooney’s novel of the same name, shared with Elle UK about his relationship with singer Taylor Swift and why he likes to keep it private after five years of dating.

Joe shared that he struggles to understand the public’s interest in their relationship and why people think that sharing the details of their relationship is normal. He stated that it’s not because he always wants to be guarded and private about their relationship, but it is because people always tend to take away too much from someone's life even if the concerned people are not ready to share it. 

Not only Joe Alwyn, but Taylor Swift, in her interview with The Guardian in 2019, shared that she is not going to give out too many details about her relationship because she feels that if they talk about it, people assume that their relationship is up for discussion, and their relationship is not up for discussion. In February, a source told Entertainment Tonight that Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn remain content with their decision to keep their relationship private and that they feel very secure about their relationship right now and have talked about their future together.

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are content with their relationship. Image Source: The Things

Taylor Swift had previously mentioned that Joe Alwyn helped her to open up about politics and explained that as a part of country music industry she was always told to stay out of politics, but the Trump presidency forced her to lean in and educate herself about politics, and she found herself talking about the government and the presidency and policy with Joe Alwyn, who encouraged and supported her. The actor was recently asked during a media panel about his views on open relationships or if he has been in one, to which he answered that people are allowed to do whatever they want to to feel happy which includes being in an open relationship as well if they wish to, but when it comes to him, he is very happy in a monogamous relationship.

Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift started dating in 2016, and a source revealed that the couple is very happy and content with each other. An insider shared that for Taylor, Joe is her rock and their relationship is very mature and wonderful. Similar to this, Taylor Swift mentioned in an interview that her relationship and bond with Joe have helped her to be as normal as she wants to be.

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Talking about his upcoming project, "Conversations with Friends", Joe Alwyn shared that he was excited to play Nick on the show, who is a pained, quiet actor who gets entangled in a relationship with timid Frances, although he is somewhere still in love with his wife Melissa. He shared during the interview that acting is a weird job that is full of so much confusion, rejection, and ups and downs.

Joe explains that although he knows that people’s expectations of the show are too high, especially for those who have read the novel and understand the themes of the story, the show is very different and he wants the people who watch the show to talk about things. Joe adds that Sally Rooney is an author who never really fixes things in the end, and that is one of the reasons why he loves her books because that is enticing for him or the people to think about like what would have happened.

The actor goes ahead to describe the author as a perceptive writer and mention that he was very excited to work on the show with such an incredible cast. He explained that people love her writing so much because she goes ahead to explore the new ideas of happiness, love and desire in relationships outside the set constraints that humans have set for themselves. 

Conversations with Friends will premiere in May on Hulu.