Why is Kevin Hart defending Dave Chappelle?
by Ana Walia | Sat, 07 May 2022 21:08:38 GMT
Kevin Hart is sharing his thoughts on Dave Chappelle’s attack. Image Source: USA Today 

Kevin Hart is sharing his thoughts on Dave Chappelle’s attack.

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart, while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, stated that the attack on fellow comedian Dave Chappelle needed to happen. Guest host Mike Birbiglia is filling in for Jimmy Kimmel while he recovers from COVID-19.

Kevin Hart revealed why he felt it was necessary to take place because, someone out there is thinking about doing the same thing that the individual who attacked Dave Chappelle did, but after seeing how it worked out, they may reconsider. Kevin Hart then questioned Mike Birbiglia whether he wanted people to believe that they could continue to breach the boundary without consequence.

The comedian went on to say that we live in a society where many lines have blurred and that we, like people, sometimes need to take a step back to take a few strides ahead. Kevin went on to say that the situation was just that, with Dave Chappelle making it greater.

Dave Chappelle created history by selling out his show, but everyone is talking about the attack and how Dave Chappelle handled it, according to Kevin Hart. He went on to say that the comic performed professionally, returned to his show, did not allow the incident to affect him, and acted as a professional should. The comedian went on to say that these are the types of situations when unprofessionalism should not be tolerated.

These moments, according to Kevin Hart, should not shape or mold the world in which we are not seen. He also expressed his gratitude to the security personnel for roughing up the assailant, recalling an event in which he was struck by a buffalo wing thrown at him by an audience member, and stating that heckling has long been a part of the live-comedy experience. He also mentioned that comedians have always had to deal with hecklers and that the comedian's approach to shutting them up is to respond.

Kevin Hart explained that it was not bullying or picking on, it was all done in fun, but now we’ve lost sight of the relationship between the audience and the comedian, and that line has been blurred and continued so that it has now become a hard case of why did they come, or why did they buy a ticket if that was your want or need? He said that we need to get back to the place of respecting the entertainer, respecting the craft and if you’re coming, come to have a good time and enjoy the person that you saw. And if the audience have no interest in having a good laugh at things or the person on-stage then they shouldn't buy a ticket and simply not go to the show. 

Kevin Hart referred to the attack on Dave Chappelle while he was performing at "Netflix is a Joke' festival where Isaiah Lee, 23, who stormed the stage, pushed him to the ground, and brandished a toy gun at the comedian. Isiah was detained on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, and Lee was charged with four misdemeanors by the Los Angeles City Attorney's office. Isaiah Lee has pled not guilty and has been ordered to stay 100 yards away from the comedian if released on $30,000 bail. 

Dave Chappelle's team issued a statement saying that the comedian had just finished four nights of comedy and music at the Hollywood Bowl, and has managed to shatter all the  sales records for a comic and has refused to let the unfortunate attack on him by a person on Tuesday overshadow the enchantment of the occasion. Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock reportedly assisted Dave Chappelle in his struggle against Lee, along with security guards.

Dave Chappelle said that he needed to speak to the guy to know what prompted him to attack him. Dave Chappelle described Lee as mentally ill and said that he told him a story about his grandmother from Brooklyn, who had been displaced by gentrification. According to Dave Chappelle, the incident was intended to call attention to her condition. 

Dave Chappelle was criticized on social media for making a transphobic joke about his attacker, despite the fact that he faced backlash for his Netflix special 'Closer' where his comments related to trans people were not taken as a joke and the entire LGBTQIA+ community criticized him online.