Why is Michelle Williams defending Jeremy Strong?
by Ana Walia | Wed, 11 May 2022 12:45:03 GMT
Michelle Williams talks about how Jeremy Strong was her and her daughter's support. Image Source: The New York Times 

Michelle Williams talks about how Jeremy Strong was her and her daughter Matilda's support!

Michelle Williams described her bond with actor Jeremy Strong and how he looked after her and her 16-year-old daughter Matilda after Matilda's father, actor Heath Ledger, died tragically. 

During her interview with Variety, after Heath Ledger died in 2008 from an accidental overdose of sleeping pills, Michelle revealed that Jeremy Strong moved into her Brooklyn home with a friend and Michelle's sister to help and support her and her kid. She said that Jeremy Strong played an essential part/role in helping her and her daughter Matilda coping up with the actor’s death.

In her interview, Michelle stated that Jeremy was serious enough to carry the weight of Matilda's broken heart and was sensitive enough to know how to approach her to help her cope with Heath Ledger's tragic death. Michelle said Jeremy used to play games and act silly with Matilda to help her. She mentioned that Matilda, who was two years old when Heath Ledger died, did not have a father, but that she did grow up with Jeremy, and that everyone was surprised by Jeremy's ability to act as if his life relied on it because Matilda's did.

Michelle's remarks for a long-time friend come after Jeremy Strong was featured in a New Yorker profile that examined his intense approach to acting. The piece that was published in December documented at what lengths Jeremy would go to create his performance on-screen, including an incident where he asked to be tear-gassed for a scene in ‘Trial of the Chicago 7’. Because of what occurred to Jeremy Strong when he tried to articulate his approach, Michelle shared that the word "method" has sadly become a buzzword. The actress went on to say that the Succession actor takes his work as seriously as he does his plays. 

Michelle Williams and Jeremy Strong met at Williamstown, a summer theatre festival in Berkshire, in the early 2000s. Image Source: USA Today 

The New Yorker profile also went to lengths to describe that when Jeremy Strong was struggling, he still had a closet full of high-end clothes and about that, Michelle said that it’s true that Jeremy Strong had designer clothes, but he had only one sweater and two t-shirts that were torn at the necks that he wore because he would play ponies with Matilda and let her ride on his back and use his clothing as reins. Michelle explained that Jeremy would walk around with his beautiful things ruined, but he never thought about them twice or asked her daughter to stop.

The actress added that it was hard to read the New Yorker piece because everyone had been in awe of his talent and had watched him evolve, work hard, and wait for people to recognize his talent, so when it was his time to celebrate, they all celebrated with him. Michelle shared that the blowback Jeremy Strong received with the piece had made her think about her relationship with the media and stated that she feels open and trusting, but she is also aware that there are things that she shouldn’t talk about. But now she adds that when she is talking about her work or her process, it makes her think if she should keep that to herself or not, but adds that she loves Jeremy Strong and wanted to share a little something because she understands that it takes a very special person to play with a child the way he did.

Michelle Williams and Jeremy Strong met at Williamstown, a summer theatre festival in Berkshire, in the early 2000s. She mentioned that the New Yorker piece on Jeremy Strong went ahead to mock his talent, and the hard work and dedication he has for his work. Michelle Williams is not the only one defending Jeremy Strong; actress Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, and actor Aaron Sorkin have also expressed their admiration for the craft of Jeremy Strong.

Jessica Chastain wrote on Twitter that she has known Jeremy Strong for 20 years and has worked with him on two projects, describing him as a great person who is highly inspirational and enthusiastic about his job. The actress went on to say that the feature on him that was published was highly one-sided and that no one should accept everything they read.

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Anne Hathaway also rushed to social media to express her feelings about Jeremy Strong, writing where she said she would like to offer some love to Jeremy Strong, who she has been fortunate enough to work with twice and is extremely happy to call a friend. She lauded him for his thoughtfulness, honesty, sincerity, sweetness, insight, kindness, and charity, as well as his genius and outstanding sensitivity. She went on to describe Jeremy Strong as a gifted and innovative artist who is engaged and devoted on set, as well as a passionate and open person in general.

Michelle Williams, who recently announced that she is expecting her second child with her husband Thomas Kail, recently shared that it is a joyous thing for them and they are excited. She went on to say that becoming a mother again during the pandemic was a reminder that life continues on and that the world is not the same, but the baby is blissfully unaware of this and enjoys the unbridled delight of discovery and the joy of a caring family. Thomas Kail and Michelle have a son, Hart, who was born in 2020.

In her interview with Vanity Fair in 2018, Michelle was candid about finding love again after Heath Ledger passed away and shared that she never gave up on love, but she always told her daughter that her father loved her before anybody thought she was pretty, talented, or had nice clothes.