Why is Pamela Anderson not happy with 'Pam & Tommy'?
by Ana Walia | Sat, 29 Jan 2022 21:15:06 GMT
Image Source: Us Weekly, Los Angeles Times

With just a few days away from the premiere of ‘Pam & Tommy’, reports have suggested that Pamela Anderson is not happy with the series and she did not want it to be made in the first place.

A source close to the Baywatch actress shared with Hollywood Life, Pamela is not a fan of this at all and wanted nothing to do with the project. When she learned that this would be covering the burglary, she was absolutely mortified because that entire episode is something that was very hard for her to deal with when it happened. She said that she is not going to watch ‘Pam & Tommy’ and she does not want her kids to watch it either. She didn’t want money from this – she didn’t want it to be made in the first place and she is not going to respond to it.”

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‘Pam & Tommy’ actress Lily James in her recent cover story interview with Variety shared that she personally wanted to reach out to the actress and tell her everything about the project but there was no response from her or her team so the entire cast and crew of ‘Pam & Tommy’ decided to respect her choice to stay away from the project. The actress also shared that with the series they want the audience to know that when something like a ‘sex tape leaked’ happens, the consequences are always faced by the woman and the man is free or maybe becomes more popular.

But at the same time, Pamela felt disregarded when it comes to ‘Pam & Tommy’ because she feels that it is ironic that they want to show the world that her privacy and personal space were invaded when the tape was leaked by showcasing the entire thing on-screen. The source added, Pam was violated once when the tape was initially stolen years ago and now, she feels like her privacy is being robbed from her once again. She is shocked that Hulu is putting out something that she had no say in whatsoever when it’s based on her life. She would like to disassociate herself from it as much as possible and just wants to live her life.”

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee: A look back at their sex tape scandal, Image Source : Fox News

When talking about Tommy Lee, he was not so much bothered about the series and is confused about why Pamela Anderson has such harsh and negative feelings about it. Sebastian Stan who plays Tommy Lee in ‘Pam & Tommy’ shared that he also reached out to the former drummer personally but refused to disclose the conversation they had. According to sources, “He is okay with it and thinks that it is rad that he is being portrayed in a series on Hulu. He will watch it for sure. Tommy loves that he is a famous rocker. He embraces his past and cannot believe the things that they got away with. His views on his past are quite different from Pam’s views and, although they share children, they have always been on rocky terms. They are very different people now.”

‘Pam & Tommy’ is going to premiere on Hulu on 2nd February 2022 and is going to focus on the short-lived romance between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. The series is also going to focus on the infamous sex tape that was stolen from Tommy Lee’s house and was later leaked online. The couple back then took action and filed a $10 million lawsuit to stop the video from circulating.