Why is Tommy Doorman grateful to Lena Dunham?
by Ana Walia | Sat, 02 Apr 2022 21:08:37 GMT
Tommy Dorfman came out as trans woman last year. Image Source: THEM 

The actress, Tommy Dorfman, best known for her role as Ryan Shaver in 13 Reasons Why is grateful for Lena Dunham's upcoming film "Sharp Stick,". Sharp Stick is essential to Tommy not because she stars in it but also because it's going to be her first project after she reintroduced herself to the world as a proud trans woman last year.

Tommy said that she filmed the part so early in her transition that although she does not recognize that person anymore, she still loves her and admires her. She is excited and thrilled for Sharp Stick to come out so that the audience can watch it too.

One of Lena Dunham’s bridesmaid alongside Taylor Swift at Dunham’s wedding in London to musician Luis Felber, Tommy Dorfman expressed that she loves Lena Dunham so much and she is so proud and grateful for her. Tommy explained that Lena has been a huge influence on her as a storyteller and as a trans woman just being able to play a small role in a large story means a lot to her. By the way, the role Tommy plays in the movie has nothing to do with her being trans, and it just happens to be the character that impressed her.

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Dorfman explains that the movie, which is inspired by Lena Dunham’s full hysterectomy after suffering from endometriosis pain, is a gift, and that the set while filming was a safe place for everyone. Tommy adds that she is still very conscious of herself, just like all trans people are because, at the end of the day, trans people do not have the privilege to stop working and transition until they feel comfortable working again. But Sharp Stick was a smooth ride because she felt herself on the set and is excited to see how it all unfolds on-screen.

The 13 Reasons Why actress mentioned that she finds herself lucky and blessed that she has continued to work on the evolution of her body, spirit, mind, and soul in ways she is always excited about continuing to work. She also mentioned that she feels validated and affirmed by looking at herself on the cover of InStyle Magazine. She described the transition as an evolution, adding that it’s like a homecoming.

When she came out to the world, Tommy Dorfman sat down with InStyle Magazine and shared that whenever she thought about herself in future, it was always the actress Cate Blanchett that she relate her likeness to. But at the same time she had Laverne Cox, writer Charlene Incarnate, Jamie Clayton etc., women to look upto. The difference between being a part of Sharp Stick and other previous projects for Tommy is that she felt a sense of dysphoric when she played a male character on-screen (before her transition) because se had mentioned that when she closes her eyes, she sees herself as a woman and now she is grateful that she gets to play the real self on-screen. 

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Tommy shares that every day when she wakes up and looks at the picture of herself on social media or anywhere, she feels like she is looking at her true self and feels grateful that she is living her most autonomous and authentic life. She has been a voice for many trans people out there who needed a strong person to stand up for them, including Elliot Page and many other trans actors.

Tommy Dorfman is one of the several influential trans voices who are participating in a conversation with Matt Bernstein for the Visible’s TDOV campaign. Visible has managed to raise funds to support trans life and will be donating to the Its Gets Better Project.