Why isn't Dylan O'Brien in the Teen Wolf film?
by Ana Walia | Fri, 11 Mar 2022 13:07:07 GMT
Dylan O’Brien is opening up about not reprising the role of Stiles Stilinski! Image Source: NME 

Dylan O’Brien is opening up about not reprising the role of Stiles Stilinski!

Dylan O’Brien who rose to fame after his portrayal of Stiles Stilinski in MTV’s Teen Wolf has decided not to reprise his role for the upcoming film revival of the television series with Paramount Plus. Dylan O’Brien played Stiles Stilinski for six seasons until 2017 and the series went on to launch him as an actor and bag some incredible roles in the movies including Maze Runner, Transformers spin-off Bumblebee.

Dylan spoke to Variety earlier while promoting his new movie, "The Outfit," and shared that it was indeed a difficult decision for him to make and a lot of thinking and discussions went into deciding that he’d not reprise his role. Dylan said that the show is very dear to him as it was the first thing that he did and people appreciated him for it.

The actor went on to explain that his character Stiles is still remembered by a lot of people and that gesture is very dear to him, but the movie revival was not something they had planned, but it kind of just happened, and everyone, including him, was trying to figure it out. But Dylan added that his character and he left the show in a good place, and he wants to end it there.

Dylan O'Brien as Stiles Stilinski in Teen Wolf. Image Source: Entertainment Weekly 

Dylan, being a supportive friend and co-star, has always shared that he wishes the best for the entire team and will be watching the movie the day it comes out and is assured that it’s going to be a kick-ass, but unfortunately, he is not going to be a part of it.

Back in September 2021, Variety reported that Paramount Plus announced the Teen Wolf movie was in the works with the original cast members. The movie is written and being produced by series creator Jeff Davis, and everyone is pumped to reprise their roles. The story is going to pick up from where the series ended.

The network shared in February about the movie that Tyler Posey’s character, Scott McCall, who saved Beacon Hills at the end of the series, is the Alpha and holds the power to gather new allies and reunite the friends to fight back the evil that is considered to be the most powerful and time-sensitive enemy they have ever faced. The network also stated that the story is going to be more complex because the characters are not teenagers anymore and have grown up.

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Speaking of Dylan O’Brien’s The Outfit, it is a classic film noir starring Zoey Deutch alongside. The two of them recently appeared at the screening of the movie in New York City, and the movie is described as a gripping and masterful thriller by Graham Moore, who is all set to make his directorial debut with the movie. The movie was premiered at the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival and received a positive response. It is all set for release on March 18th, 2022.

The fans of Teen Wolf are upset that Dylan O'Brien is not going to appear in the movie but they are equally excited for the original cast to reprise their role in the movie.