Why was Harry Styles honored at Madison Square Garden?
by Ana Walia | Thu, 22 Sep 2022 20:48:42 GMT
Harry Styles honored at Madison Square Garden. Image Source: Twitter  

Harry Styles was honored.

During a performance in New York City, Harry Styles made history as he wrapped up his 15-night residency at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday and was surprised on stage by CBS Morning co-host Gayle King, who revealed the surprise for the singer.

While seeing Harry Styles sing with actress Drew Barrymore, Gayle King entered the stage and informed Harry that they had a surprise for him and asked if everyone was at Harry's House. She went onto praise the singer and said that no other musician had ever performed before a sold-out crowd for fifteen nights straight. She added that people think Harry Styles is a walking joy and happiness, and they just want to say to him that he has got twenty thousand people on their feet and she continued, adding, "and we don't want to say you good night. Harry Styles' and unveiled the banner that read " Harry Styles 15 with 15 Consecutive Nights at the Garden".

The former One Direction member stood in awe as he watched the banner rise and briefly touched his heart while looking around the stadium as fans cheered for him. Harry Styles gushed and hugged the CBS Morning co-host, who later shared the moment on her social media.

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Harry Styles was seen getting emotional as he wiped off his tears and said that there are a lot of people in the room tonight and on nights like this that are so special for him, and he just wants to say thank you to so many people who have supported him both professionally and personally throughout his life, and he just wants to say how grateful he is for everyone. Harry said that he would not have been on stage if it were not for all of them and said that things like this don’t happen to people like him very often, so he just wants to be thankful, stating any time fans come to Madison Square Garden and they see that, they should remember it's because of them. That is ours.

The actor-singer, who is awaiting the release of his films, stated that he has a lot to be glad for in life and that he never stops feeling thankful and lucky for the people in it. He also mentioned that he wants to thank everyone for being there for him. Harry also cried out to the audience and urged them to spend time with and express their affection for the people in their lives. He also closed by urging the audience to turn to the person sitting next to them. Before making his final bow, he also gave a shout-out to all of his admirers, past, and present.

Harry Styles said that most important to every single person who is present in the building tonight, he wanted to say a thank you from the bottom of his heart and mentioned that whether they have been supporting him for five minutes, one year, five years, or twelve years, they have changed his life over and over again and this gesture is incredibly special. The Grammy Award-winning singer stated that he would return after everyone had left and just sit and stare at the banner for a while.

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Harry Styles surprised his crowd, which included Gayle King, Drew Barrymore, Madonna, Jimmy Fallon, Jenna Bush Hager, and Henrik Lundqvist when he finished his big New York gigs. To celebrate the star's amazing style, each fan in attendance received a feather boa. He also gave the crowd a deep cut, "Ever Since New York," from his 2017 debut album, which he hadn't performed live since 2018. For "Matilda," Dev Hynes joined Styles in addition to Blood Orange, the performer who started the show.

With his own banner now, Harry Styles  is one of only four music-related banners that currently hang from The Garden's rafters, making him the third artist to receive such an honor. Billy Joel has two banners, one for the 129 performances there and another for the 83 performances of his lengthy residency, and Phish was awarded one in 2017 after breaking the illustrious "Baker's Dozen" record, which saw them perform without repeating a song for 13 consecutive sold-out nights.

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According to Jim Dolan, executive chairman, and chief executive officer of MSG Entertainment, selling out 15 straight nights at Madison Square Garden is a tremendous accomplishment, and it further establishes Harry Styles as one of the most influential musicians of his time. Jim continued by saying that it speaks volumes about Harry Styles and his supporters that a banner honoring this outstanding accomplishment will hang from the rafters next to some of the most illustrious performers and athletes in history. Jim said that they are honored that MSG was Harry's home for these 15 fantastic nights, especially since he has already headlined The World's Most Famous Arena multiple times in his meteoric career.

Madison Square Garden was changed into "Harry's House" on performance evenings, complete with specialty foods and products as well as transient subway signage at nearby stations. Before traveling to South America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, Harry Styles is now take the show to more cities for many nights, including Los Angeles, Chicago, and Austin, Texas.