Why you should watch The Adam Project: The Adam Project review
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 22 Mar 2022 10:43:39 GMT
Ryan Reynolds and Walker Scobell star as the older and younger version of Adam in the film; Credits: Business Insider

Ryan Reynolds starrer The Adam Project is an enchanting take on a sci-fi film. The movie is a well-balanced collaboration of an exceptional script along with featuring some of the best performances by famous actors. 

The film was directed by director Shawn Levy as he came together once again with Ryan Reynolds after initially collaborating on Free Guy. Their next project The Adam Project is a Netflix sci-fi movie. 

Both the films strongly take after the original sci-fi genre as seen in the 1980s. Sharing the films that served as the influence base for The Adam Project, the director had named Back to the Future and E.T. as concepts they looked up to. 

Fans who have seen the duo together in Free Guy obviously had high expectations from the two for their upcoming project, which came to be The Adam Project. Interestingly enough, they delivered the perfect movie once again that has managed to gather much appreciation from the critics and audiences. 

One of the best works by Ryan Reynolds, The Adam Project stars Reynolds as Adam Reed, a fighter plane pilot who manages to travel back in time. He ends in the present-day era, originally traveling back from 2050. 

The character faces his younger version back in the day, played by Walker Scobell. He was 12 at the time and mourning the death of Louis, his father, played by Mark Ruffalo. The saddened kid created much trouble for his grieving mother, Ellie, played by Jennifer Garner

Years into the future, the older Adams decides to travel back to meet his younger self as he agrees to list himself from the past as a volunteer to stop Maya Sorian, played by Kathleen Turner

The film is not very keen on the scientific workings related to the specificity of time travel mechanics. Hence, we get right to the action as both the older and younger Adams get to meet each other and embark on their journey.

 If you are still concerned about the physics of the journey back in time, you can refer to other time-traveling films which influenced The Adam Project. 

The film primarily focuses on the relationship of both the Adams along with how they were both influenced by their parents. Loosely based on family dynamics, the film shows the younger Adam behaving at his worst with his mother, Ellie, who herself is barely getting by each day. While the younger Adam strongly missed his father and mourned him, the older Adam can be seen carrying strong feelings of hatred for his father, Louis. 

While you will get to see enough of the sci-fi workings to satiate your inner science nerd, the film is much more interested in showing how the two Adams hold each other to a pedestal and bring out the best in each other. The sci-fi action marks as interesting added flavor to the family drama, bringing the best of both worlds into a single film. 

Audiences get to see the Green Lantern star just as charming and enchanting in The Adam Project just as any other film he starred in. In a way, he is similar to his many other characters, but he still manages to embed uniqueness into his portrayal of Adam. 

The most stunning of his scenes that bring out the individuality of his character is when he is with Ruffalo or Zoe Saldana, who plays his wife Laura, in the film. Moving and informative about how these characters think about each other, it is the emotions that he puts in these scenes that make people see the real genius behind this film. 

Reynolds and Scobell portray an amazing bout of chemistry, and the actor is simply the right choice for portraying Reynold's Adam in his younger years. Not only are their characters meant to be deeply associated with each other, but the actors themselves have an interesting bond that proves to be excellent for their comedic timing and tension build-up. 

And if you are a Marvel fan, stay attentive to catch all the meta jokes about Reynolds's other characters. 

The film's villain, though important to the plot, is more of a hurdle the audience knows Adam can defeat. While Maya's portrayal is brilliant to a degree, it is the relationship dynamic of the younger and older Adam that takes the cake. 

Coming to the sci-fi concept of the film, there are not many mind-boggling facts that will confuse an average science fiction audience. While the film employs great concepts and visuals when it comes to the sci-fi aspects, there are no new facts that you will get to learn in The Adam Project. 

The film works at a brisk pace with a fun narrative to keep the audience hooked. It is safe to say that the pair of Levy and Reyolds is more than ready to bring more such great works together in the future. 

In a way, The Adam Project has only helped solidify the collective prowess of Levy and Reynolds, and serves as an attention grabber to bring in more audience for whatever their next project will be. 

The Adam Project is available to stream as of March 11, 2022, on Netflix. The film runs a good length of 106 minutes, making it an intriguing watch that is not too exaggerated in its storytelling. The film comes with a PG-13 rating.