Will Daredevil characters change after the Marvel shows' Disney takeover?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 08 Mar 2022 16:55:24 GMT

The iconic MCU characters are on the verge of facing a big shift as the Netflix shows of Marvel origin will now be shifted to Disney+. People are wondering how the new dynamics would allow for the MCU characters to be involved with the Disney world. 

The topic has been in constant discussion amongst the forerunners of the two studios. The most pressing of topics is what will happen to characters like Kingpin, by Vincent D'Onofrio and Matt Murdock by Charlie Cox, who recently made their return to the Marvel Universe through Hawkeye and Spider-Man: No Way Home. 

The return of Cox as Matt Murdock in No Way Home is a confusing aspect of the film as people are not sure if the character is the same as the Daredevil from the Netflix series. So, now that the series will be shifting to Disney+ fans can only wonder if fans are not sure about these burning questions. 

Yet, things are explained in a different light by D'Onofrio, who plays Wilson Fisk. Talking on different platforms, the actor has been asked if he remains to be the same villain character that he was portrayed on Marvel's Netflix show. 

D'Onofrio explained that Daredevil is principally an MCU character and hence Kingpin from Hawkeye is the same character as in the Netflix show. The actor himself agreed that there are some aspects of the character that do not together make sense as now they are under two versions of the same character, a single person. 

Apart from his theory about the characters and who they will get to be with the Netflix-Disney shift, Cox explained to The Direct if he previously thought there was a chance for the expansion of Daredevil through a third season. 

The actor recently appeared as a guest in Abu Dhabi. where the 10th edition of the Middle East Film and Comic Con was held. The Daredevil star, Charlie Cox, talked about where he thinks his character is headed now that he will feature in MCU as he talked during the convention. 

The actor began by saying that he has a habit of not disclosing his thoughts aloud amongst fans as unseemly things could later disappoint fans. He also maintained that it is only necessary to allow creativity to take its natural course so that the best for the series can be figured out and the character can continue to live on. 

Though the actor said that he keeps his theories to himself, he shared a few details that he could spare about the series and its potential future with MCU. Yet he shared that there was not much need to pick season 3 of Daredevil as a continuation of season 2. 

Hence, the actor revealed that he thinks that MCU might abandon some of the plots previously running in the Netflix show and begin with different tropes in the future. Keeping the things of the past in the plot will mess with the alternate reality plot, which will take flight with the MCU portrayal of the series. 

Similar to the Spider-Man: No Way Home plot where the characters got the opportunity to travel into the Spider-Verse, Daredevil might also have its own moments of Marvel brilliance. 

It would only make sense if the story has progressed ahead a few years when they pick it off for the third season of the show. The actor also shared that the series can portray the Daredevils in a "reimagined" sort of tale. 

If there were to be the third season, the plot would be slightly different, Cox had said. He shared that there is a lot that the series can explore with the altered narration, and in this sense, there is no limit to the capabilities of the plotline. 

The "reimagined" reality for the characters stands justified as also explained by Vincent D'Onofrio, where he had talked about the "canon" nature of MCU characters. As the public realizes what the studio is planning to do with the story and the character, the debate will only catch more heat. 

Previously when there was not much revealed about the 3d season of Daredevil, Cox had still maintained the novice experience of the hero on MCU will be highlighting altered elements and that it would be the same but not quite much. 

So, when all of it is grouped together, the hope arises that maybe the character will have one more go with his supernatural abilities. The show will hence stay true to Netflix in some sort. 

At the end of season three of Daredevil, Wilson Fisk was finally defeated by Murdock, and he helped put Fisk behind the bars with the help of his friends (Foggy Nelson and Karen Page). The ending also dropped a potential hint on Dex Poindexter's transformation into Bullseye. 

The Marvel Netflix shows, Daredevil will now premiere on Disney+, beginning from March 16, 2020 along with other Marvel series.