Will The Batman origin story differ from other Batman films?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 01 Mar 2022 14:20:21 GMT
The Batman origin story differs from other Bruce Wayne tales; Credits: The Direct

The first reactions for The Batman, starring Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz, have already started pouring in. Lucky for the cast and also Batman fanatics, the movie is dubbed the best Batman picture since Dark Knight. 

Now that Matt Reeves is set to change the course where the narration of Bruce Wayne's story is concerned with help of Pattinson, fans are anxious to know if the Batman origin story will differ with Reeves' direction. 

The original story primarily focused on the elite status of the Waynes. On just another regular day for the billionaire Waynes, the family finds themselves stranded in the rain as they make out of a cinema hall in Gotham City. Not wanting to wait until the downpour relents, the family makes their way to their car through a back street alley, only to be robbed by a thief wielding a gun.

As Bruce Wayne finds nothing but a broken string of Martha's white pearls scattered around the street, he slowly emerges into his vengeance-loving alter ego, The Batman. Philanthropic and righteous, the origin story of Batman is sentimental at best.  

The latest installment of the Batman franchise stays true to the OG origin story of the caped crusader to an extent but does not follow it entirely. The Batman director Matt Reeves and lead actor Robert Pattinson shared during a Los Angeles conference that while they wanted to stay true to the elements of the original origin story, they did not follow it to a fault. 

"It's kind of different to the traditional origin story," said Pattinson.

The actor revealed that it was not the latest film's intention to bring out a new origin story but as they were aiming to play the character from a different perspective, sharing his origin was almost necessary. But instead of a defined tale to mark his origin. Batman employed the "little moments" to show the transition from Bruce Wayne to Batman. 

OG Bruce Wayne story shows the young billionaire mourning his parents after a burglar attack; Credits: LA Times 

The latest Batman film deals with only a short period of time concerning the superhero's life. Hence, there was only so much that they could fit into the plot and the narrative. 

But to make it genuine, the emphasis is laid on the body language of the character, his emotions, and the expressions he carries on, hoping for the audience to pick up what the creators intended. Yet, the story does not show Bruce Wayne one day simply deciding to fight as a superhero.

The small things slowly push him to learn to be a superhero. Additionally, the latest story does not play much into his playboy personality. 

Moreover, many other Batman pictures point out that Bruce Wayne still carries the loss of his parents with him. Yet in The Batman, the trauma is still there, but he has managed to hide it well under his cowl as Batman, which the audience can interpret if they look closely. 

So, when he goes by Bruce, he is a person looking back on the death of his parents, still coming to terms with what had happened. And when he decides to become Batman, it is out of the necessity to escape his trauma in his present. 

But "as soon as he takes it off, then he just goes back to being a 10-year-old boy again, and the pain is still very much real."

Reeves also shared that in the latest story, it is almost like Batman tends to see the faces of the people who wronged his family in the people, whom he confronts now as a superhero. His fight against crime is not because he is too charitable. It is because his need for vengeance drives him. 

There have been many Batman stories until now, and many of them have tried to mold the narration of the hero's origin to fit the specific mold of their own character. The Batman by Reeves fits along similar lines but has still managed to stay true to the original tale while keeping it fresh and "iconic."

Batman critics have taken well to the tale, as narrated by Reeves, and hailed the film as a great watch. Fans would enjoy seeing the same traditional tale told using a different voice. 

Reeves shared that he took to defining the story of Batman in the film by relating him with the Royals or drawing him as one of the Kennedy family. Though Bruce Wayne has lived with time, he did not get over the particular deaths in his family. 

He is almost always a solitary figure whenever seen, and sports a pale, withdrawn look, bringing attention to his many bruises left as a token of his crime-fighting endeavors. Easy to be mistaken as a drug addict, anyone observing Bruce Wayne from a distance can guess that he has gone through a rough patch in life. 

For his part, Bruce Wayne has only ever tried on "escaping himself" as he uses the persona of Batman as a shield to overcome his trauma. He has been trying to connect the dots and impart meaning to the death of his family so that their suffering could count for something. 

The film stars Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle, who also nurtures the alter ego of Catwoman, a notorious burglar. Colin Farrel is cast as Oswald Cobblepot, also The Penguin. Carmine Falcon is played by John Turturro. James Gordon, a police commissioner, is portrayed by Jeffrey Wrights, and Andy Serkis stars as Alfred Pennyworth. 

The Batman stars Colin Farrel, Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz; Credits: Pop Sugar

The Batman by Matt Reeves will be released in theaters on March 4.