Will there be a CODA sequel in the future?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Wed, 23 Mar 2022 19:24:42 GMT
CODA actors are in talks for a sequel to the Oscar-nominated film; Credits: Apple TV+

Is there a possible CODA 2 film in talks?

CODA created a lot of buzz with its fetching plot and delicate storytelling. Starring Troy Kotsur and Daniel Durant in supporting roles, CODA has received exciting attention at the Oscars. 

The geniuses behind the series are now looking for better ways to explore the story and shared their thoughts about a possible sequel at the 2022 Producers Guild Awards. On a Sunday, March 19 interview with E! News, they shared ways where the story could be headed and more. 

Troy Kotsur and Daniel Durant shared their thoughts about the film. Troy joked, saying that his character Frank Rossi could become a grandfather and have 10 kids. He'll still work to keep his fishing business afloat, to which Daniel added that they find a way to make the plot work.

Yet, they also made clear that there is yet no official confirmation of a sequel film to CODA. All their speculation is mere talk as the actors have not yet signed a contract for the next installment in a probable duology. 

Gouging from the reaction of the audience, the critics, and the awards season, it is safe to say that CODA 2 will receive immense love and recognition. 

The original 2021 film follows the story of Ruby, played by Emilia Jones. Ruby is a CODA, meaning a Child of Deaf Adults, the only hearing child is an otherwise all deaf family. The young lady is working to help her family keep afloat their fishing business while she herself looks forward to a possible romantic tryst with a fellow choir member. 

Apart from her love life, she is also quite focused on making good on her talents as a singer and pursuing her passion as a musician. 

CODA received the honor of being acclaimed with the Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Motion Pictures award at the PGAs. The film also won the category of Best Adapted Screenplay at the Writers Guild of America Awards, and an Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture award at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. 

These are only a few amongst its long list of achievements.  

Sharing his gratitude for the producers who aided them to bring CODA to life, Daniel said that he is thankful that the producers believed in them. He is also hoping that other producers will take inspiration from what they have accomplished with CODA and bring forward similarly touching works. 

He is also hoping that the film will open "doors" for other aspirants. 

Now, CODA is in line to find even more critical appreciation as it is nominated for three awards at the 2022 Oscars to be held on March 27. The categories they are vowing for are Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor for Troy, and Best Adapted Screenplay for writer Siân Heder.

Troy added that he believes that CODA has made history. Oscars have not always been open to providing recognition to unconventional roles like those of deaf characters. 

But Troy said that he is grateful that the awards ceremony has paid attention to their work and that they have made history. He exclaimed that he feels "honored" to be a part of the project. 

Yet, following the path of acting as a deaf artist was not easy for the actors. For Daniel, Marlee Matlin, his co-star from the film, was his inspiration as he first decided to make a career out of being a deaf actor. 

Marlee Matlin was the first deaf woman to have won the Oscars, making it so much more of a good influence on Daniel to pursue his dreams. As he had drawn inspiration from her his entire life, it was a great experience to walk on the journey of the film with her.

He also dropped in words of appreciation for his fellow deaf artists and the Deaf community for having made history together.

Marlee also shared the happiness of the success of CODA along with her co-stars as she visited the PGAs. She shared that these award shows celebrating the success of CODA are integral to meeting people who help with the creation of exceptional films like CODA. 

She shared that it was critical that people with hearing disabilities receive the recognition they deserve and hold conversations about their authenticity in the acting world. The deaf characters in the film are genuinely played by deaf actors.

CODA has won various awards, earning immense success for its actors; Credits: Netflix Life

It would be great to see if CODA actually comes forward with a sequel to its name.