Will there be a Godzilla vs. Kong Sequel?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Wed, 23 Mar 2022 13:39:24 GMT
Godzilla vs. Kong 2 is expected to start shooting its sequel by the end of this year; Credits: IMDB

A Godzilla vs. King Kong sequel is finally in order!

There are reports of a new sequel to the film that is supposed to be underway for filming by the end of this year in Australia. The sequel would be the fourth film in the series, making up the latest installment in Legendary Entertainment's Monsterverse. 

Godzilla vs. Kong brought forward the two legendary and massive monsters, Godzilla and King Kong. The film followed up after the events of Godzilla, Kong: Skull Island, and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. 

Directed by Adam Wingard, who shot You're Next, The Guest, and Death Note, the film suffered a late release date but managed to do well with the audience. It amassed over a collective $469 million in box office collections around the globe. 

The film was released in theaters and premiered on HBO Max at the same time after its pandemic delays. In fact, the film became the most pirated film online in 2021. 

The first film in the monster verse franchise starred many known celebrity names, along with characters who came back to reprise their roles in the titular film. Amongst the cast were Millie Bobby Brown, Alexander Skarsgard, Rebecca Hall, and Brian Tyree Henry

Others included were Shun Oguri, Eiza González, Julian Dennison, Lance Reddick, Kyle Chandler, and more. Audiences can hope to see the actors come back to play their characters in Godzilla vs. Kong sequel. 

The film is scheduled to start filming later this year in 2022 and will be shot in Queensland, Australia. The shoots are expected to boost the local economy in the area.

The original films, Godzilla vs. Kong and Kong: Skull Island were also shot in the same area. The shoots had provided job opportunities to local film crew workers in Australia. There is presently no information about what the story of the film is about to be or will be helming the direction of the film. 

Adam Wingard, the director of the first film in the series had shared previously that he would like to direct the next film in the installment. While his return is not confirmed, his expertise on the subject matter is surely a plus point in his directorial resume. 

The previous film helped explore a lot of interesting concepts about Earth. Godzilla vs. Kong brought forward the theory of hollow Earth, a massive ecosystem of subterranean location. The place is expected to be the habitat of other massic titan beings just like Godzilla and Kong. 

If Wingard comes to direct the film once again, fans can surely expect to watch more on the subject of Hollow Earth. He had shared in an interview that he thinks there is more to the place. He proposed that the titans come from an area that is connected to the pre-history of Planet Earth. 

There is still a lot left undiscovered from the first part of the Godzilla vs. Kong film. Much of it can be explained and explored with the next installment in the franchise. 

If Godzilla vs. Kong 2 follows in the footsteps of the first film, it will surely make a great mark at the box office, especially now that we are out of the pandemic. There was also another announcement a few months after the release of the first movie, claiming that there is work going on a new Monsterverse series at Apple. 

It is not revealed if both these latest works of Monsterverse will connect as undertakings of a similar series. Additionally, with Wingard having shown undeniable interest in the franchise and if he comes to shoot the film, the Godzilla vs. Kong sequel can be deemed in safe hands. 

Fans have already started speculating what the movie will be about. Here are the few most-fetching theories of the film's plot:-

Danger for King-Kong

With humans having reached the Hollow Earth, the discovery of Kong's home can put him at potential risk. Though humans have lived in harmony in the area thousands of years ago, there is no guarantee that the new settlement is mindful of the location. 

With the unpredictable activities of humans in the area, Hollow Earth could witness danger from the likes of MonsterVerse villains like Toho villain, Gigan, Hedorah, or Megalon. Hence, if these threats arise in the place, Godzilla will help to defend the Hollow Earth alongside Kong. 

Son Of Kong

The 1993 sequel to King Kong brought forward another member of the Kong species. Not much like his gigantic father, the son is an ape but of a much smaller size. 

Though the son has had his own film, there are chances that he could get to star in the Monsterverse film too. It would be great for Kong to know that he has another surviving ape from his species. The titan has already been in search of more members of his family in the Hollow Earth. 

Considering that he still might be very young and not grown up to the massive size of his father, the son of Kong can come in handy to indulge smaller monsters and socialize with others of his size. 

Godzilla fights Destoroyah

Back during the King of the Monsters, Godzilla led a fight with Ghidorah, where the military had to use the Oxygen Destroyer, hurting Godzilla in the process and killing all the surrounding marine life. The use of the powerful weapon led to the birth of Destoroyah. 

Godzilla and Kong can come to fight off their old enemies in the sequel; Credits: The Movies Database

The Godzilla lead in the film had sacrificed himself for the safekeeping of his son. Now that we have an all-powerful Godzilla once again, Destoroyah could come back to the scene once again, becoming the villain for the latest Godzilla.