Will there be a Pirates 6 film following Johnny Depp trial?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Wed, 27 Apr 2022 18:05:38 GMT
There are chances that Johnny Depp will get to star in another Pirates film; Credits: Entertainment Weekly

Disney's sixth installment of Pirates of the Caribbean installment does not look like it is off to a great start. If anything, it has already taken on a path that the audience despises with the whole of their heart. 

The series has seen more setbacks than the whole of pandemic releases combined, with many conflicts amongst the studio itself initially. Then it was literally taken under the storm as Johnny Depp faced personal and legal issues at the hands of his ex-wife, Amber Heard. The grave allegations of domestic violence rocked the very foundations of the film franchise as Depp faces firing orders by Disney. 

So what could be expected of the new installment of the series, considering there will actually be a sixth film in the line? The film is supposed to be the sequel to events following the 2017 movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. 

Back in 2019, it was revealed that the film creators Ted Elliott and Craig Mazin, known for Chernobyl, will come together to write the sixth film in the series. Jerry Bruckheimer was named to be the producer of the film. 

However, there is no detail provided about the cast ensemble of the film along with what the story could be about along with the probable title. 

There is a major chance that the series star Johnny Depp will not appear in the next Pirates film as Disney broke contact with him in 2018, following Amber Heard's domestic abuse allegations. Still, there has been no update about other cast members like Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Kaya Scodelario, and Geoffery Rush and whether they will reprise their roles or not. 

Back in 2020, there was the news that Birds of Prey writer Christina Hodson has been approached to lead a female-driven Pirates of the Caribbean. The suggested star for the female lead film was Margot Robbie. 

It was said that instead of being a spin-off of the original Depp-lead franchise, the probable Margot Robbie Pirates film would include new, original characters and a distinct storyline. But nothing much was revealed about the suggested film trope since then.

However, the actor's latest trial in the Amber Heard case has once again brought the question of a sixth Pirates film into the spotlight. The court trial of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp started on April 11 in Fairfax County, Vancouver. In his trial, Depp shared some new details about the franchise and how Disney treated him through these years. 

Following Amber Heard's op-ed write-up with Washinton Post which positioned her as a domestic violence survivor and Depp as an abuser, the former Fantastic Beasts actor sued his ex-wife for $50 million. While the piece did not name Depp as the person Heard was referring to, the actor had to face severe criticism, public ridicule along with losing his upstanding career and various film deals. 

Here are all the details about the Pirate: film 6 that Depp let out while appearing for his Amber Heard trial. 

Disney dropping Depp from Pirates 6

While there is no official news of the film even being produced, Disney was quick to let Depp back in 2018 after Amber Heard's December 2018 op-ed was published. However, the lawyer Amber Heard produced another media writing that had said the actor was dropped from the film franchise as early as October. 

The actor said that he was not surprised even if that was the case, as the talks of him being a wife-beater had been circulating already for two years. Yet, he admitted that he was not aware of him being out as Jack Sparrow earlier and before the December piece was published. 

Needless to say, Disney played the safe side with the actor and let him out as soon as they could so that they could save their own reputation. The actor also said that the #The MeToo moment was a particular trend at the time. 

Disney is still profiting off his career

Disney features a full Jack Sparrow character franchise which includes theme park rides and other merchandise modeled after Johnny Depp. While he is removed from the franchise, Jack Sparrow continues to live in the image of Johnny Depp and is still around at Disney Parks. 

The actor shared that while he has been fired, the Studio is still selling the dolls that are shaped after him. He accused that the studio just did not want them to be in the midst of any trouble and hence cut him so that he didn't trail them back. 

Depp vows he would never return to the Pirates franchise

As the trial is playing out its course, it is becoming more and more clear that Depp was not solely responsible for the way his marriage went awry and that a lot of injustice was thrown his way. 

With his name slowly being cleared of several charges, fans have been holding out hope that the actor might make a return trip to his character and act in the next film of the franchise again. Yet, Depp has made increasingly clear that he will not star in another Disney and Pirates of the Caribbean film. 

When Rottenborn asked if the actor would refuse Disney's offer, even if they offered him $300 million and a million alpacas, the actor responded with a yes. He said that he felt deeply betrayed by Disney, after all the hard work he put into his character and delivered it to the studio. 

Johnny Depp says he will not return to Pirates 6 even Disney offers a massive offer; Credits: Entertainment Weekly

Disney was not even happy with the character earlier, but Depp had added his magic to the portrayal that seemed to work with the audience. Now the franchise is once again derailed and there is no hope that it would get to see another rising sun again.