Witness the Heart-wrenching Tale of the First Indian-American Miss World
by Jaskiran Kaur | Wed, 13 Oct 2021 12:22:36 GMT
Image Source: thefastnews, Twitter

Shree Saini became the first Indian-American to win the crown of Miss World, and her story is nothing short of inspiring. The Ludhiana-born beauty took the 2021 title home and shared her heart-wrenching story meanwhile. 

Here is more about her:-

The charming lady has earned the title of becoming the first Indian-American woman to win the title of Miss World America in 2021. Born in Ludhiana, a metropolitan city in the state of Punjab, India, known for its hosiery goods, the family of Shree Saini made the big move to America when she turned five. The family called Washington DC home after that. 

Coming from India, Shree was made subject to countless forms of discrimination against her culture, race, and appearance. She always felt odd one out in the foreign country, both at school and at dance class. She had started taking dance lessons from a young age. 

The support of her parents

Despite the hardship she faced in the new places of America, Shree always had a constant strong figure at her back, her mother. She stood beside her when needed and supported her through the thick and the thin. Her parents made the transition to the foreign land easier for her and continuously taught her to stay strong in the face of adversity. 

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Recalling the never-tiring support system that her parents are, Shree said, "My parents really helped me in that moment of adversity. They told me to constantly choose resilience. And I think in our life, we are going to be always be met with hardships, but what truly defines our life is our choices that we make."

Her life through the years:-

Shree faced a tough battle in her life when aged 12. Diagnosed with a rare heart condition that had her heart beating 20 times per minute, an extremely low heart rate while the normal heartbeat is 70 times per minute, she struggled with keeping up with life. 

The young girl at the time had to undergo an open-heart surgery which would install a pacemaker to help her heart function better. The doctors warned that she wouldn't be able to live life like a normal child and hence not overexert herself with dancing. Yet Shree did not give up on her dream and carried on with the dancing lessons. She took on the task with passion and did exceptionally. 

However, soon, the young girl had to face another problem when her mother had to be put on life support. Shree was already susceptible to a lot of pain and grief coming from her time of battling with the disorder, and seeing her mother face the same pushed her to do something about the issue. She opened up an NGO to provide support to people who go through life-altering disorders, suffer from depression, and have other battles to fight. 

But once again, luck failed Shree when she became the victim of a near-fatal car accident. The incident left her with severe burns that ate a part of her face and dealt her severe bruises. Doctors were skeptical of her recovery and gave her a year to get back on life as before. Eager for life as Shree is, she took to recovery at full speed and was well and good in over a month. From then on, recovery was speedy and consistent. 

Shree took it on herself to educate others and used her strong prowess as an orator for making inspiring speeches in her college. She gained popularity, and the audience enjoyed her oration. 

The head-on and strong lady went on to win in the world of pageants as she participated in the Miss India-USA program in 2017. She won with her beaming confidence and extraordinary resoluteness. The road to Miss World wasn't far from then, and now she stands proud as the first Indian-American to hold the high title. 

Apart from her captivating beauty, Shree has intelligence that no one can compete with. Besides winning beauty contests, Shree also is a person recognized by UNICEF for her extraordinary feats for the betterment of humankind. She is also honored by Doctors without Borders, Breast Cancer Foundation, Susan G Komen, and many other associations.

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The young girl that Shree was who stepped into the alien territory of the USA would feel proud of her struggle and her achievement. Shree also conceded that it was a childhood dream to win the title one day and had aspired to rise to her dreams in spite of the challenges. 

Emerging from all the obstacles she faced, bullies she defeated, and accidents or disorders she battled, Shree did not give up on vigor and confidence. She chose to better herself with each collision that pushed her back and came up stronger than ever. Her extraordinary life truly helped her head the way, which brought Shree's dream closer to her with each step she took.