You Will Be Shocked to Learn How Much Kim's Met Gala Pony Cost
by Jaskiran Kaur | Thu, 23 Sep 2021 10:53:03 GMT
Image Sources: Cosmo Politian, Daily Maverick

The Kardashian's know how to stay in the limelight. From simple gifts that cost a limb to their kids' playhouses that have more land than a modern New York City apartment, Kardashian always goes big. And given a chance to be outrageous at the Met Gala 2021, how could the Kardashian icon Kim keep things simple? 

From Kenny's sparkly, ray of joy beaming smile and sheer outfit to Kimmy's all-black American fit, the reality TV stars were the talk of the town. In fact, who would forget Kim's fashion dementor look ever? While she did create some stir with the all-Balenciaga outfit, mask included, the most shocking of all will be when you learn how much exactly her 75-inch long ponytail cost. 

The American reality TV icon's look at this Met Gala looked pretty tame considering her all previous high glam looks, cue: Her WET look with hanging diamonds and wet-styled hair. Despite the fact that she wore a face full of makeup underneath her balaclava mask this year, the outfit was simply unadorned except for her long horsetail peeking from the top of her mask.

And now that the deets about the ponytail extensions are finally made public, we just can't shake the awe over her ridiculously expensive hair. Information about the eye-catching hairstyle was leaked by Chris Appleton, a celebrity hairstylist. The notorious hair designer was in charge of Kim's hair and did a pretty amazing job guessing from the commotion about the hairdo. 

Image source: Getty Images

The celebrity designer shared an 'ask Me Anything' story on his Instagram handle on September 21, Tuesday and was soon bombarded with countless questions: many inquiring about Kim's long ponytail. 

As many of you would have already suspected, the floor-length ponytail, of course, came with a pretty steep price tag. Still, many couldn't actually believe it when the stylist said that the ponytail cost 10,000 AMERICAN DOLLARS! 

Yep, big, whopping $10 grand! Kim is known for her money splurging habits and treats everyone loved, near and dear to her, with all the best that money can offer. So, it need not come as a shocker that Kim splurged the gigantic amount on her sleek body-length ponytail for the Met Gala event where even the simplest celebrities go the extra mile to look ravishing. 

It's also important to note that the black American fashion look required quite a lot of extensions to get the big hair look. And as the choicest of extensions come with an expensive tag attached, hair required to get the dramatic floor-length ponytail for Kim would surely be priced higher than your regular day extensions. Though $10k is still a big amount, who can argue with the Kardashian logic? 

Apart from the sheer shock value of her hair and its value, Kim spent a great deal at styling the extensions too. The look created by Appleton required an array of expensive, top-notch hair products which only Kimberly could afford. The sleek hairdo was created using ColorWow products, a brand known for its luxurious finishes. The hair was set beginning from the very roots to accommodate the full head mask except for the ponytail outlet.

Hair prep started with ColorWow Hair Dream Coat to provide a shining look throughout the Met Gala event and the only metallic finish Kim allowed in her black outfit. The hair setting product used was Cult Favorite Hairspray, setting down her hair and Kim's famous baby hair. The hair was brushed back with Leandro Limited Scalp Care Brush to get all the hair into a sleek, unified look without any stray aways. The straight ponytail was at last sprayed with ColorWow Hair Extra Shine Spray.

Kim's makeup for the look was done by celebrity Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. Though the full glam look was completely hidden underneath the ski mask, Kim let her makeup see the light in the Met Gala after-party. Even though you couldn't see the beautiful face art, it is the thought that counts, right? 

The makeup artist hence cracked jokes about the hidden Hollywood glam look and wrote, "It's the makeup for me, LOL," on one of the many memes that the Skims star's Met Gala outfit sparked. People were quick to join the joke, and one sarcastic user quipped, "Mario can do no wrong." 

Now that you have all the deets to the extreme hairdo, you can yourself become a gothic Rapunzel for the next party you attend!