Your Next Thriller K-drama Watches after Squid Game
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 12 Oct 2021 12:57:21 GMT
Image Source: Rotten Tomatoes, MyDramaList, IMDb

Spent too many hours binge-watching Squid Game? Yeah, we are all guilty of that, but how could anyone hit the pause button on the nerve-wracking thriller series where every shot was eerier and more chilling than the one before. The recently trending K-drama series on Netflix lacks all the usual rom-com sweetness that you associate with K-dramas. But Squid Game isn't the first of its kind. While it may be the first non-English series to take the world by storm and grab the crown of the most streamed non-English drama on Netflix, the K-Drama scene has a few other great thrillers to its name.

Korean dramas are always a little on the better side of their portrayal. Whether it's the love they show or any other genre, you could imagine the industry does well with what it's got. You must be familiar with so many Korean series that usually revolve around the stories of two love birds. The most beautiful actors you could imagine come from this series, and after a spree of not so dangerous, the lovers find a way to be with each other. And yet, the Korean cinematic industry has a far darker theme running in some series that will chill you to the bones. Here is all the series you should stream now if you liked Squid Game:-


What better way to feel dread than step into an apocalyptic universe. Sweet Home deals with a world filled to the brim with heinous monsters that have forced people to lock themselves inside homes and are not so eager at stepping out. The series follows the life of the lead played by Song Kang, one of the apocalyptic world's residents who has acquired the horrible disease which turns humans into monsters. While the world struggles to stay locked up and staying alert to all those who might have become monsters, Song Gang fights to keep a grip on his humanity. 


The thriller drama looks deep into the horrors of the legal world and every imaginable deceit that runs behind the facade of justice. Two fearless lawyers, Lee Dong Shik and Han Joo Won immerse themselves into uncovering a serial killer on the loose and wrecking up their once-peaceful city stumble across the sinister world beneath the law world, possibly marking them too as not so innocent figures. The world turns upside down again as connections begin to emerge from a serial killing spree from 20 years ago and to bring all the proceedings of the legal world onto the questioning dock along with the two lawyers. 


A series that would have you terrified the moment you begin streaming, Taxi Driver is not for the faint of heart. Lee Jee Hoon, Esom, and Kim Eui Sung star in the Korean thriller series that gives its scorned wronged characters a shot at revenge. The story follows the honest life of a Special Forces officer, Do Gi, whose mother is murdered by a serial killer. Having lived a pretty honest life, Do Gi is anguished at having to suffer such injustice and grabs the opportunity when he comes across a self-serving Rainbow Taxi service. Not a taxi service at all, the secret association helps people ignored by the law take matters into their own hands. Do Gi, following his special forces service, knows just how to deliver revenge only to be pursued by a relentless prosecutor of law, Ha Na. The series goes on to explore far deeper themes of revenge in law, justice, and more that would make sense to a victimized individual.


KINGDOM (2018)

Politics is definitely horror, right? We never know what facade a politician might be hiding behind and then deliver real-life horrors. Well, Kingdom, a 2018 Korean drama, follows a similar thought. The political horror thriller is based on The Kingdom of Gods, a novel set in the Joseon period of the 1590s and spans over the life of the crown prince who is dragged into a possible conspiracy theory behind a plague disease ravaging his Kingdom. He loses his father to the plague and then vows to travel to a faraway province with his guard Moo-young to find an able physician. Soon, he learns that his father's death might not be a diseased accident at all but murder. The world goes awry when the dead from the plague come back as blood-thirsty monsters and theories about the origin of the disease begin to uncover.  

MOUSE (2021)

Credits: Handulses

Mouse is not your typical Disney animation taking after a mouse having fun in a chef's kitchen. The Korean thriller series is about a serial killer, the horror and terror he leashes on the country, and how everything falls apart. Jung Ba Reum, a rookie police officer, looks into the case and soon faces the killer head-on. He does emerge alive after the encounter, but nothing stays the same anymore. The killer wreaks havoc leaving blood and death in its trail, and yet something far more sinister awakens from the killer's reign over the country. The drama plot does follow up with the question "What if we could identify psychopaths in advance?" and whether killers are born or made so. 


Making a bit of side money in high school is okay until and unless you're in the midst of committing heinous crimes and the students of a high school in this Netflix original series learn this the hard way. The series takes you on a fast-paced, thrilling ride that keeps you just too close to the edge guessing all the time about what could be. The four students include Ji Soo, a straight A+ student that turns towards crime, a school bully who is dragged into unfortunate events, and others who stumble across their terrible secret. 


Credits: Hellokpop

The series is about Cha Young-Jin, played by Kim Seo-Hyung, a late teenager struggling with guilt and regret after her best friends turn up murdered by the serial killer, Stigmata. The lead had a great relationship with her downstairs neighbor, Eun Ho, and one day, when he is found to have fallen off the roof and is in a coma, Cha Young-Jin takes it upon herself to set right to her actions and redeem herself through finding Eun Ho's culprit. She teams up with his teacher Sun Woo, to follow the killer on his trail because if she doesn't look into it, she would be the net in his kill-list. Years after the events, the killer makes a return, where a vigilant detective Young-Jin waits for him.