Angelia Jolie hopes her kids can vouch for the Brad Pitt custody case.
by Surabhi Goel | Sun, 05 Sep 2021 06:22:09 GMT
Image Source: PopSugar, The Independent

Angelina Jolie is holding on to the hope that her children will be allowed to testify in the ongoing custody battle with her ex-husband Brad Pitt.

Jolie, the most powerful and influential American personality, and Bratt Pitt, the most attractive men got separated on April 12, 2019, due to incompatibility between the couple. 

A source told the US weekly that “Angelina feels it's extremely important that the kids’ feelings about who they want to essentially spend time with a heard”

The actress stated that she is not the one forcing the kids to testify. She has consulted the children's psychologists beforehand so that their mental health is not being disturbed. She is hopeful that this time there would be an unbiased and fair judge for the children to present in front of the judge.

Maddox, 20, Pax, 17, Zahara, 16, Shiloh15, and twins Knox and Vivienne,13 are the six kids the couple has been fighting over, since they split in September 2016.

The actress with her kids. (Image Source: Just Jarred) 

Earlier this year Brad Pitt won the joint custody of 5 minor children’s and this judgment was passed by judge John Ouderkerk. Angelina Jolie was not happy with the judgment and in August 2020 she tried to get Ouderkerk Remove from the case.

The actress claims that the judge failed to disclose his business and professional relationship with Brad Pitt and his legal team. But the petition filed by her was initially denied.

However, in July judge Ouderkerk Was removed from the case by a California court of appeal, And the case has been sent back to the Los Angeles Superior court. Angelina was glad that their own Ouderkerk Was no longer a part of this case and she's hopeful far decision regarding the custody of the children. She also hopes that the new judge will allow children to testify in the case.

On the other hand, Britt was not happy about the removal of the judge and earlier this month his team alleged that there was an “administrative error” By the court.

Under California law, a 14-year-old child should be allowed to directly address the court in the matter of visitation and custody and the twins are 13 years old now.