Are Selena Gomez and Chris Evans Dating?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 12 Oct 2021 13:06:08 GMT
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Captain America and Alex Russo just have found a fan base to ship them, and the fans couldn't be happier. Well, it isn't Captain America and Alex Russo to be exact but the sensational actors and singers, too, in the case of Selena Gomez, who play the iconic roles. Yes, in a bizarre world of internet rumors, Selena and Chris Evans seem to be dating. 

The two Disney and Marvel stars lay claim to the hearts of millions of fans. The Captain America star is famously known as Steve Rogers for his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Selena Gomez is remembered as Alex Russo from the Wizards of Waverly Place series by Disney. And with their dating rumors surfacing on the internet, their respective fans have taken over the internet to express their joy at the rumors. 

The rumors began when The First Avengers actor and the Thirteen Reasons Why producer was reportedly seen together leaving a studio in Los Angeles in the first week of October 2021. Then fans even came up with speculations that they were seen leaving a restaurant together again. Now, while there isn't much substance to the stories circulated by unidentified sources, the fans of the 40-year-old actor and 29-year-old singer have taken to their respective social media handles to share their elation. 

A fan took to tag both the stars in a social media post requesting that they open up about the rumors. They wrote, "@selenagomez @ChrisEvans, you guys have no idea how gaga the fans are with your dating rumors. WE NEED ANSWERS!!!" Several fans are yet confused about how these events came to be, considering that the rumored couple has a significant age gap and usually doesn't run in the same circles. Nevertheless, the fanbases can't be happier as the speculations are running rampant. 

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But is there anything more to the rumors than just the wishful thinking of the Disney-Marvel fans? Probably not. The internet has the habit of blowing up things that are remotely not plausible. The dating rumors of Chris Evans are possibly a plausibility on the grapevine of Hollywood gossip channels. Yet, the stories that state them as a couple have no more substance than an innocent Instagram follow and some shoddy pictures which may not relay the entirety of the events. 

The rumors had actually started when Marvel fans came up with the deets that Chris is following Selena's Instagram handle as if artists in the same industry are not allowed to follow each other without being in a relationship. Selena, for her part, hasn't yet returned the favor and does not follow back the savior of America, Captain America. The news of Evans following Selena led people to dig a little deeper, and someone came up with some pictures that show Evans and Selena exiting the same building, but not together. 

The pictures came with their own set of theories and rumors stating that the two stars cleverly made out of the same building, but not together so as to evade the notice of the public or avoid the paparazzi. But as it turned out, the pictures are not all that reliable and tell a different story. 

The story is that the stars did leave the same building, separately, but not because they were avoiding notice, but because the pictures have been taken at different times, years apart, to be precise. Elle magazine found out that the photo showing Selena leaving the studio dates back to October 2019, which is two years ago from now, and the image that shows Chris Evans leaving the same place is from 2020. The other pictures that backed up the rumors were also taken at different times, with one being as old as 2013. Hence, theories were debunked.

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This proves that theories, even the ones backed up with pictures and supposed evidence, are not always true to their supposed reality. Hence, when procured with the intention of winning over masses, evidence can be so compelling at times, yet it is always worth it to do your own research. Needless to say, even if the pictures were accurate and the celebrities did leave the same facility at different times, being in an industry like Hollywood would warrant them to work together at some of the other times, and doesn't necessarily translate to the fact that they are dating. 

Still, the 'Lose You to Love Me' singer has once admitted to having a celebrity crush on Chris Evans. Back in 2015, Selena had told Andy Cohen that she thought Chris Evans was very cute. She said, "I kind of have a crush on Chris Evans. Isn't he cute? He's very cute." But still, no proof that the two have found similar grounds to begin dating apart from her admitting that he is cute. 

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The actress and singer usually found herself in the midst of social media rumors digging deep into her private life and fishing out tales or details that are private to her. The public obsession with the star's life and mostly love life has forced Selena to give up on her social media accounts to preserve her sanity. The star conceded to Elle that she isn't very fond of every detail of her life being dissected and examined before saying that "It felt gross for a long time." Selena is a promoter of taking breaks from social media, especially when it becomes too much in the life of young people so that they can head back to reality and focus on their mental health. 

Despite Selena's constant urgings to her fans to not make so much of her life and to not go berserk with her privacy, several rumors continue to spark about the actor's love life. Just a few months ago, Selena was supposed to be dating Aaron Dominguez, her co-star in the comedy series Only Murders in the Building. This rumor, too, had no substance to it but a few photos that served as 'proof.' But again, fans were proved wrong when it was revealed the images were from the set of the series. 

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And, yet her followers went too far when they took to Dominguez's Instagram and flooded his posts by warning him to stay away from Selena. The destructive behavior was condemned by Selena as she told Los Angeles Times, "I honestly thought, 'No wonder guys don't want to date me! I think people only care because I'm young, and the older I get, the less they'll care. For now, it's a part of the job that I don't really like."

In the end, she chose to debunk all the rumors for once and for all when she said, "I'm actually grateful that I'm not involved with anyone right now."