Did Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik repair their friendship? Learn more here.
by Ana Walia | Fri, 30 Sep 2022 20:08:37 GMT
Louis Tomlinson spoke about his fall out with Zayn Malik. Image Source: US Weekly 

The One Direction boys are back in the spotlight, but not in the way you think.

During a recent appearance on the Zach Sang Show, Louis Tomlinson was asked about his falling out with a former friend and bandmate Zayn Malik almost seven years ago. Louis Tomlinson was asked if the two of them tried to bury the hatch and became friends.

Louis replied stating that this is something that the host should ask Zayn Malik and continued that he could be wrong, but according to what he remembers when he asked him a similar question the last time, he replied that he does not think that he is mature enough to get over what’s frustrated him in that relationship.

Louis Tomlinson continued that he does not know if he is mature enough now, but he is close to being over all that. Back in 2015, the two of them got into a heated argument on social media after Zayn Malik decided to leave the band, and now Louis shared that he had tried to reach out to him but revealed that they have not spoken since the very public fall out, even though it was Louis’ mum’s dying wish. Louis had shared back in 2017 that his late mum Johannah Deakin’s dying wish, who suffered from leukemia, was to initiate a secret reconciliation with his former best friend Zayn Malik, whom he had not spoken to for a year since Zayn Malik quit the band.

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Louis Tomlinson added it felt magical to him when his mother advised him to get back in touch with Zayn Malik because life is too fucking short and said that a mother's intuition is just fucking weird. The musician claimed that his mother was always aware of his feelings and desires. Before adding that he was always good for Zayn in the band because he was his go-to person if he wanted to piss around or lark around, he continued by saying that he would always see the good in Zayn and also observe him shoot himself in the foot with a few of his decisions, but he was just a little misunderstood. They care about each other, but Louis said he could always bend the rules a little with Zayn. He also said he couldn't speak for Zayn Malik as of now since he does not know where his head's been at currently.

On the Zach Sang Show, Louis said that there have been numerous times over the last couple of years where he has thought about Zayn and hoped that he was alright, but mentioned that the situation is hard to say anything about at the moment, but he wishes him well. Louis Tomlinson added during the conversation that with time, according to him, they just have to bump into each other because neither of them has each other’s number or maybe social media could help but joked that he knows Zayn Malik too well to slide into his DMs.

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One Direction fans went into a frenzy when Zayn Malik shared a video of him singing "Night Changes" on his social media and Louis Tomlinson liked the video, almost adding more fuel to the reunion speculations and wishes. At the same time, Louis said that Zayn is a different caliber in terms of singers and clarified that he was not just liking the video of him singing a song they made together for the sake of it, but added that it was a nice feeling because in the past he has said what he has said about the band, and Louis said that he understood some of what Zayn had said.

Louis went on to say that in the videos shared by Zayn, he could see him reflecting, thinking about his time in the band, and, of course, showing off his incredible voice. The singer said that listening to him made him feel good because it was like maybe he was thinking about the good times in the band.