Gigi Hadid discusses how seeking therapy has greatly helped her
by Ana Walia | Wed, 15 Feb 2023 19:08:47 GMT
Gigi Hadid gets candid about seeking therapy. Image Source: Teen Vogue 

Gigi Hadid gets candid about seeking therapy.

During a recent cover story for Elle’s March issue, supermodel-turned-designer Gigi Hadid opened up about things that the world does not know about her. She discusses her decision to seek therapy and how it has affected her life as a public figure.

Gigi Hadid says that even after almost a decade in the public eye, she is still attempting to figure out how the rest of the world sees her, and she acknowledges early experiences where she learned how the world reacts when she shares things in certain ways. Sometimes they just end up leaving you with the impression that something has been taken out of context. Or you have the perception that they have disclosed too much and that it has been taken advantage of. Whatever those damn difficult lessons are, in the sense of her celebrity, which has made her a target for the paparazzi, people have developed a thick skin, and her co-parenting relationship only adds to the mix.

The model claims she has finally realized that her life creates headlines and that finally understanding that there is nothing that matters is what continues to keep her going, in particular when it comes to being scrutinized and criticized. She stated to the reporter that Serena Williams once stated that nothing should last more than three weeks in the press.

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Serena, according to Gigi, told her that she might feel like her life is coming to an end, but if she makes a mistake, it will pass. She continues by saying that she claims to believe it is because she does not take herself seriously and believes that when she is on her deathbed, she will not remember that one uncomfortable interview she had when she was 19.

When asked what this one would still not know about her based on the headlines, Gigi said she will not know what the world doesn't understand about her, adding that she is somebody who people need to meet personally and interact with to learn more about her. The model stated that there are many photos of her out there, but they are without context, therefore she does not know how others perceive her, noting that her Next in Fashion gig is an opportunity to progressively open up and show more of herself than what appears in paparazzi photos. Gigi said that for the first time in her career, she went to the exact studio for a month alongside the same 100-person crew, and she could feel that feeling of belonging that she has been desiring, and that tends to bring out a feeling of security and the time, space, and screen time to show herself.

Gigi goes on to say that she sought assistance in the form of therapy, which has assisted her and her sister Bella Hadid cope with their modeling backgrounds and experiences that they may not comprehend in the same way. She stated that they probably deal with various things on different sides, but that there will always be something that brings them around each other, noting that she has managed to learn to set the boundaries for how she anticipates individuals to treat her.

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The model used the example of approaching the paparazzi and saying, "Hey, what's up?" She knows they've observed one another across the street for 5 years, but please don't point the camera this way when she is with her child. It's not always essential to be forceful, but that doesn't make it extremely rude it's setting a boundary.

In 2016, Gigi Hadid discussed Hashimoto's disease, an autoimmune disorder that affects the thyroid and induces fatigue and difficulty trying to regulate body temperature, and how she has had to make time in her schedule to manage it. She asserts that she usually takes a nap during her lunch breaks and then eats her lunch while touching up her hair and makeup. It's simply something Gigi has had to deal with throughout the years, with some days being better than others.

Gigi mentioned that when it's a really cold shoot, her body takes a long time to recover temperature-wise, which can make her shaky, and that shoots in the heat can also be taxing on her. The model describes that one of her boundary lines is to inform her team when she requires a break and claims that her team has been always understanding and encouraging of her circumstance and that she has simply learned how to make it work for her and what did help her get through each day and do her best.

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Gigi talks about her daughter, Khai, adding that she sees her in every state and way, and whether she realizes it or not, she is living and learning with her adding that she assumes her daughter has a realistic, all-encompassing point of view. The model explained that if she's fully conscious, they are up having a conversation in the middle of the night; they are talking about she doesn't know, random stuff, but it's fun.

Gigi Hadid notes that having a daughter has changed her life and made her want to feel more settled, but it has also made her appreciate the chaos. She says that she has gratitude for both sides of it—being at shows and shoots and simply being in the city again; to being around friends after now being a mom, with everyone also emerging out of COVID.