Here is how the series justifies the ending of Killing Eve
by Jaskiran Kaur | Mon, 11 Apr 2022 17:27:39 GMT
The series focused on Eve and an assassin who couldn't manage to kill her; Credits: Den of Geek

Fans are not very happy with the ending of the series Killing Eve, starring Sandra Oh. The series has seemed to let go of all the greatness that propelled it to its finals season and ended up creating a finale akin to the ending of Game of Thrones. 

The finale of the series aired on BBC America on April 10, featuring the final two episodes that bring forward the twisted fate of Villanelle. The series is about two women who have been connected with each other for a long time but only one of them could make it out of their relationship alive. 

Sandra Oh stars in the series as an M15 agent who is known to lead a great life with a good position, is great with her friends and is leading a happy marriage. Yet, she has secrets that could change the wheel of her life for good. 

The character is being followed by a very persuasive assassin who has been biding her time to lay the kill. It was Eve who first identified that the assassin could be a woman and things have turned pretty dark since then. 

Eve takes on the investigation with much vigor and her family and work-life suffer as she struggles to maintain a balance between the two. She is head over heels to find the identity of her would-be assassin and learns that it is a woman named Villanelle, played by Jodie Comer in the series. While she was only focused on figuring out the identity of the lady, in the beginning, she didn't realize that the Russian lady would soon become a very personal problem for her. 

The two first meet by a total chance experience and it is thrilling to see them connect with palpable chemistry in a hospital bathroom. The two intrigue each other a lot and they have no idea how to move forward from that one chance encounter with each other. 

Life for both of them soon becomes a mass mess of murders and investigations, and very, very unexpectedly, love blooms for the two in the middle of the tragedy. The two could barely keep each other out of their thoughts and it is fun to see how the two command four seasons with sizzling chemistry and fans can barely blink as they meet each other over and over again. 

Happenstance brings them together over and over again, and the two learn to treasure the moments they share together before one of them falls victim to their fate. 

Season 4 of the show showed both the lead characters but in their own bubbles of life, never too far from the other's thoughts. Villanelle wished to break the circle of her criminal life and lead her days with devotion to her God. 

On the other hand, Eve is still close on the heels of The Twelve and is obsessed to take them down. She vehemently denies having any feelings for Villanelle, but the truth is far from it. In a show of being strong and not caring about what happens to Villanelle, Eve decides not to attend the former's baptism and gets her arrested. 

Things once again take a twisted turn for the assassin, making her relapse to her violent days, yet she is far from her original dark crimes and can be seen as a visibly changed character. Villanelle decides to receive therapy and starts distancing herself from Eve, considering the agent did get her arrested. 

Both the agent and assassin can't wait to erase The Twelve from the face of the Earth, yet things are not going as they want to and they are also not ready to follow the case together as a duo. 

Villanelle finds herself in Scotland around this time, with Gunn, another assassin, and teaches herself the ways of the wild. Back home, Eve connects with Yusuf and the two sing away their stress in a karaoke club. But the days at the club bring back memories of her husband and her peers from the M15 and she is devastated to remember that she did not have these people with her anymore. 

Now, Eve wishes to change her old ways with the help of Martin and is said to find happiness in the small things in life. 

Heading over to episode eight, the series comes to a long-awaited end. Both devastatingly beautiful and destructive in its essence, it is difficult to see "The End" of Killing Eve. 

Konstantin and Eve head over to Scotland in the search of Gunn and reach them just as Gunn and Villanelle had indulged in a disagreement about The Twelve. Given her hard feelings for the group, Villanelle hopes to kill the leaders of the group, while Gunn is still loyal to them even though his boss is no longer alive. 

The disagreement causes Gunn to chase after Villanelle in the woods, only to be confronted by Eve. But Gunn has already shot Villanelle with an arrow and is fast enough to hold an ax to Eve's neck. The agent escapes just in time and also manages to take one of Gunn's eyes with her. 

An injured Villanelle makes way across the island with Eve, while Eve is still hoping to find the base of The Twelve and end it all for good. Yet the most pressing matter at the time was the deteriorating condition of the assassin. 

Eve breaks down in front of Villanelle and opens up her heart to her with the overjoyed lady picking up Eve and cheering with happiness. Just then they meet a couple, who invite them to a tarot reading, showing Villanelle a beautiful future while Eve is to fight off death. 

Both Eve and Villanelle are happy with finally being together. They share their very first intimate moments and decide to take over the couple's van and escape. Their time in the van is even more delightful and joyous. The two part at the ship with Villanelle carrying alone to kill The Twelve. 

They meet days later, with Villanelle finally having accomplished her goal, and Eve is shocked to hear that The Twelve are over. Sadly, they only get to have a brief embrace before Villanelle is shot in the back and a helpless Eve watches her love die before her eyes. 

Fans are divided on the ending of the series but since the show was Killing Eve, the ambiguity was fated to take one of the women away from the other forever. Still, you could believe that Villanelle emerges from the water, injured but safe if that is the ending that satisfies you more.