Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation trial: Johnny Depp describes Amber Heard's accusations as 'ridiculous', 'humiliating' and 'ludicrous'
by Ana Walia | Thu, 26 May 2022 20:39:35 GMT
Johnny Depp returned to the stand. Image Source: ET Online 

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s defamation trial is almost at its end, but before the team rests their case, Johnny Depp’s team called clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Shannon Curry on the stand once again to share her expert opinions on Dr. Dawn Hughes’ testimony.

Dr. Shannon Curry, who had already testified and diagnosed Amber Heard with borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder and stated that she had grossly inflated symptoms of PTSD, mentioned during her rebuttal testimony that Dr. Dawn Hughes, who diagnosed Amber Heard with PTSD, misrepresented the tests and the results which she used during the time of her evaluation.

Dr. Shannon Curry once again reminded the jury that there was no proof of PTSD and that she had watched Amber Heard's conduct for 12 hours and studied transcript data from prior therapists as well as the legal documents. She explained that someone with true PTSD can’t keep working as it causes significant distress and impairment, could lead to alcoholism, and they tend to confine themselves to home. Dr. Shannon Curry added that people with PTSD are never seen at events and their film careers are usually unsuccessful. During the cross-examination, Elaine Bredehoft pointed out that she spoke to Johnny Depp for three to four hours before she took the role of assessing Amber Heard, to which Dr. Shannon Curry replied that she did not speak to Johnny Depp, she spoke to his legal team, and he was just there to observe.

Elaine Bredehoft once again pointed out to Dr. Shannon Curry the audio where Johnny Depp told Amber Heard that he thought she displayed borderline personality disorder and Dr. Shannon Curry replied that she had heard the audio but that did not affect her diagnoses and then Elaine Bredehoft questioned her about her qualifications, noting that Dr. Shannon Curry is not board-certified and her testing process. Dr. Shannon Curry replied that she does not agree with her characterization and that the way she tested Amber Heard was the gold standard for accurate diagnosis.

Later, Johnny Depp took the stand once again and clarified that he had not seen the statements made by Adam Waldman about Amber Heard ahead of its publication in 2020 and stated that the statement seemed like a lot of word salad to him. Johnny Depp spoke about their honeymoon in 2015 when the former couple took the Orient Express from Bangkok to Singapore and the actor alleged that the actress hit him. He testified that during one incident or fight, she hit him in the face, and then it all ended and the two of them went to have dinner.

The court and jury were shown a couple of pictures from their honeymoon where Johnny Depp appeared to have a black eye, and they described it as him looking a bit like a shiner. On asking how he got the injury, which was shown in the picture, he said Amber Heard hit him.

Johnny Depp also admitted to the jury that he assisted Amber Heard in landing the part of Mera in Aquaman, which according to Kathryn Arnold is regarded as her "breakthrough performance." After Amber Heard's audition for the film, she told Johnny that the filming would take place in Australia, which was an issue for her, so she asked if he could speak with them, and Johnny Depp replied he could. He chatted with three high-ranking Warner officials, and she was able to get her part as Mera. He went on to say that he hopes that he has alleviated some of their concerns. When asked about the Australia incident, Johnny Depp was asked if he had taken 8–10 MDMA pills, which he had, according to Amber Heard, and it was a three-day hostage situation for her. Johnny Depp responded that if he had taken 8–10 MDMA pills, he would have been dead by now, and clarified that he had only done MDMA about 6-7 times in his life, but not properly.

Once again, the court was shown the picture of his served finger, and he drew on the picture and put his hand on the bar to demonstrate to the jury how the incident took place. The actor was asked about the texts he sent to Dr. David Kipper after the fight in which he wrote that Amber Heard was full of shit as Christmas Goose and he replied, stating that he was just telling him that he had it and had lost a fingertip. And on asking how did he write those texts with finger being injured, he replied he used his thumb. Johnny Depp was also asked about his former business manager, Joel Mandel’s testimony, and Johnny Depp said that Joel was a very bitter man, and the actor had discovered that Joel had embezzled a lot of his hard-earned money over the years.

Johnny Depp was also asked about his donations to charity, and he clarified that he donates them to the charity without his name being involved because that is never the point. He recalled an incident where he would turn premieres of the movies into benefit events for charities like Great Ormond St Hospital for Children in London and added that he is not looking for a pat on the back and does not need that attention.

Lastly, Johnny Depp said that he finds Amber Heard’s testimony insane and added that it’s heinous to hear such accusations made against him when he has never committed sexual battery or physical abuse on anyone. Johnny Depp added that he understands that it’s not easy for anyone, but he did here, he did speak up about what the truth is. He used words like horrible, ridiculous, humiliating, ludicrous before adding that it's excruciating to hear such things when it never happened. Johnny Depp continued and said, it's savage, imaginably brutal, cruel and all false to describe his ex-wife’s accusations against him and added that he is glad he has finally been able to tell his truth.

During the cross-examination, he was once again asked about Australia’s finger being served incident, the texts, and the famous Aquaman movie. Ben Rottenborn told Johnny Depp that he contacted Warner Bros. to replace her, and Johnny responded that he contacted them not to replace her, but because he vetted her and wanted them to know.