Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard defamation trial: Johnny Depp's video showcasing his rage presented in court
by Ana Walia | Fri, 22 Apr 2022 20:35:49 GMT
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Image Source: SKY News 


Johnny Depp’s cross-examination continued on Thursday at the Fairfax County Court, Virginia, where he took the stand in an ongoing defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard over an essay that she wrote for The Washington Post in 2018.

Amber Heard’s lawyer, Ben Rottenborn, presented a video of Johnny Depp in court in which he was seen smashing his kitchen cabinets in his West Hollywood home and yelling "motherfucker" before he poured himself a big glass of wine. The video first surfaced in 2016 and was taken by Amber Heard. She can be heard asking Johnny Depp about what has happened and adding that nothing happened this morning and all she said was sorry to him. He replies to her while pouring a big glass of wine that if she wants to see crazy, he’ll show her fucking crazy.

Soon after, Johnny Depp notices the camera and grabs it, and yells at her, calling her an ass, and Amber Heard is seen laughing at this. After the video was played in the court, Ben Rottenborn asked the actor whether he had poured himself a "megapint" of wine or not, to which Johnny replied that he had poured himself a big glass of wine, which he thought was necessary.

Johnny Depp could not recall the reason for his rage but added that he assaulted a couple of cabinets but did not even touch Amber Heard. He mentioned that clearly he was having a bad time, and the fact that Amber Heard decided to record him is quite fitting with the rest of the photographer and the tape recordings. Johnny pointed out that she tried to hide the camera from him and laughed and smiled. In the end, that is what he found the most interesting part. Johnny pointed out and added that if she felt threatened by his rage at the time, why did she go ahead and film him and not leave?

There was an audio that was also played in the court which almost tore up both Johnny Depp and Amber Heard as the audio was about an incident between the former couple where he was begging the actress to cut him. Amber Heard was overheard telling Johnny Depp not to hurt himself, to which Johnny replied that he wanted her to cut him. The actor is also heard saying to the actress that she fucking hates him and she asks him to put the knife down. Johnny Depp says that he wants to look at her and that the pain will go away. Amber Heard tells Johnny Depp that the knife is dull and it’s going to be too painful, dull, and dirty. 

An attorney who has been watching the trial very closely mention that Amber Heard's lawyer very strategically played the audio where Johnny Depp is talking about self harm and Amber Heard is begging him not to, to give an impression that she was not trying to hurt him and probably that he was unstable or intoxicated. 

In another audio, Johnny Depp was heard confessing to Amber Heard that he becomes irrational, jealous, and fucking crazy when she films and they end up fighting a lot more than usual. There were a couple of text exchanges between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard that were read by Amber Heard’s lawyer along with a picture that was from March 2013 and included a glass of whiskey and white lines of powder. When asked about it, Johnny Depp said he'd fallen off the wagon while filming Lone Ranger and that every day he'd come home to a glass of whiskey waiting for him.

During the cross-examination, Johnny Depp’s friendship with Paul Bettany was brought up and was asked if they had done drugs together, and the actor replied that yes, he had drunk alcohol, done cocaine, and taken pills with him. Then their text exchanges about Amber Heard were read aloud in the courtroom. Johnny Depp apologized for the texts that he had sent to his friends in the heat of the moment where he said things about Amber, that he shouldn't have. 

Ben Rottenborn also read a text that Johnny Depp sent to Elton John in 2012, thanking him for his support in his struggle with substance abuse. Johnny Depp said that Elton John was an old friend who had been sober for 40 years, and they’d had discussions. Elton wanted Johnny to get sober, so he sent a fellow named Charlie Dunnett, who had helped Elton John with his struggle so that Johnny Depp could also get the help he needed.

There was an incident whose audio was also played in the courtroom where Amber Heard kicked and hit the door against his head. In the audio, the jury could hear Johnny Depp talking about the incident and Amber Heard replies that she was upset and was on Ambien and a lot was going on. In another section of the audio, it was also heard that Depp talk about Australia’s incident where he was just running to five bathrooms and two bedrooms and Amber Heard can be heard stating that he just escapes the situation and they will never be able to figure it out if they don’t talk.

Johnny Depp can be heard stating that Amber Heard threw pots at him and she later admits that just because she the pans and pots at him does not mean he can come and knock on the door. He replies that Amber Heard thinks there is cowardice in him. Sitting on the stand, Johnny Depp said that the audio’s tone and aggression, and attitude are the need to fight from her end. Johnny Depp added that he had gotten used to it.

The trial resumes next week. 

Source: Daily Mail UK