Lewis Capaldi gets candid about dating and mental health
by Ana Walia | Mon, 19 Sep 2022 12:19:37 GMT
Lewis Capaldi is opening up about his dating life in public and mental health. Image Source: NME 

Lewis Capaldi is opening up about his dating life in public.

Grammy-nominated singer Lewis Capaldi recently appeared on the Diary of a CEO podcast and got candid about how dating in public has been for him, along with his insights on his life and career.

The singer said that he has just been kicked off Tinder because he thinks that people think he’s fake and he also revealed that he has been kicked off Bumble and Hinge. Lewis said that he loves Tinder and it’s great, but Hinge is what he wants to get on because, as he explained, he feels in his mid-20s, which is what people are on.

During the interview, Lewis Capaldi admitted that he met his last girlfriend on Tinder and she is fucking great. The singer said that he is on a bunch of dating apps, including one recommended social network, which had pushed him out of his comfort zone. He explained that he was recommended to join Feeld by someone and he thought it to be just another dating app, but Lewis said that it was so sexual and he said that it was beyond anything he'd tuned in for.

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Lewis Capaldi shared that if he meets the right person, he’d be excited and happy, but for now, it’s a bit unfair with the other person, and mentioned that they have to be quite understanding human beings. He also disclosed throughout the interview that he suffers from hypochondria, a type of health concern in which a person worries excessively that they or someone else may become gravely ill even in the absence of any physical symptoms. Lewis claimed that because his mother is a nurse, she provides him with support in this regard.

The Grammy-nominated singer claimed that despite her repeated recommendations for him to go to bed after taking paracetamol, things occasionally went wrong and he ended up having to sleep next to her because no one could intervene. He emphasized that his mother is the only person who can help him when he is having a panic attack and recalled how his mother had to sleep in his bed as recently as one month ago due to how serious his anxiety had gotten at one time. Lewis, who admitted to having been on a little of a bender, feels it was alcohol-related.

The singer claimed that when he became well-known, his anxiety worsened and that he had never experienced a panic attack before being well-known or performing at a high level. He claimed that in retrospect, he can see how worried he was as a child, but now that he has received therapy, is better able to understand it, and can talk about it with more people, he believes that his actions were motivated by worry.

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The singer recently shared that he has been diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome and said that the worst thing about it is that when he is excited, he gets it; when he’s stressed, he gets it; when he’s happy, he gets it and concluded that it happens all the time.

The Scottish singer mentioned that some days it's more painful than others and some days it’s not painful at all, but it looks a lot worse than it is, and mentioned that sometimes it’s very uncomfortable but it comes and goes. He shared with his followers on Instagram live that he used to think that he had some horrible degenerative disease, but after he was diagnosed, a lot of things made sense and he revealed that he noticed a lot of his twitching from old interviews.

Lewis said that he does the shoulder twitch a lot and it’s a new thing and he has not learned much about it yet, but he is learning, adding that he has got Botox on his shoulder to stop it moving and it sort of worked for a bit, but now he is learning more after diagnosis.

Emma McNally, CEO of Tourettes Action, said that after Lewis’ act of sharing his diagnosis, she appreciated him and said that this is going to encourage others who are in the public to speak about their experience too. Emma said that the more people talk about Tourette syndrome, the more people will be aware of it and it will give others hope for the future.