Marley Shelton hints at Easter eggs in Scream and talks about her motherly role with Dylan Minnette
by Jaskiran Kaur | Fri, 14 Jan 2022 16:41:13 GMT
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Scream has been receiving a lot of positive acclaim around the globe. The film is currently in its fifth installment and has brought forward a few different relationship arcs in the plotline. The most striking of these latest additions to the film is the mother-son relationship arc of Judy Hicks, played by Marley Shelton, and Wes, played by Dylan Minnette

The character of Judy Hicks was first brought into the storyline in the last Scream film, Scream 4. Judy was shown to be a Woodboro deputy who took sheriff Dewey Riley, played by David Arquette, as her mentor. The deputy could be seen baking lemon squares to show her appreciation for the Sheriff. Hudy herself gets to become the sheriff, as she proved herself in the last film, but what came as an utter surprise is that Judy is a mother and has a son. 

While fans had no idea that the hardworking deputy had a son waiting for her at home, it becomes so much more terrifying to watch the sheriff push herself forward as her son faces the brutal attacks of the Ghostface. The film was released in cinemas on January 14. 

Recently, Wes and Judy Hicks actors talked with Entertainment Weekly and revealed what it was like for them to portray the familial duo in the film. 

Just like all other fans, Shelton herself had no idea that her character is actually a mother. When asked if she was surprised to find the new update to her character, she replied, “Yes! I thought it was great, though! That’s what’s so fun with getting to play with the passage of time that it’s been a moment since we’ve visited Woodsboro, and I thought that was such a fantastic way to link the new generation, the new cast to the legacy cast if you will."

"Clearly, I’m a single mom. That’s not a big spoiler. You get that pretty early on,” she added.

Scream covers an exceptionally vast story spread over the town of Woodsboro, and given that everything is shrouded under the mystery of Ghostface, Shelton and Minnette still manage to do the most in the limited screen time they commanded together. Wes is highly dependent on his mother, and the cop lady is more than happy to fill in her protective role for her son. The two together create an unbeatable duo that truly has a seriously strong connection. 

“I think the most obvious dynamic that we established was that Wes is a bit of a mama's boy, and I’m this overprotective — obviously, I’m a cop — I'm an overprotective, overbearing mother bear. And I’m a single mom, so I think I even put more emphasis on that role of mothering," revealed Shelton. "And so he has to kind of find his way through that dynamic a little bit.”

But being a sensitive child, Wes struggles commanding respect from his friends, especially as there is always his mother fussing over her son and trying to protect him. Wes understands all that his mother does for him and, in turn, respects her and wishes his friends do too. 

“I think he is a mama's boy like she said, and he really loves and respects his mom, so he takes her very seriously. And I think he’s trying to get his friends to take it seriously too because I think he’s just a really deeply caring person, and he cares about his friends, but he doesn’t want to embarrass himself either," said Minnette. "So he’s trying to walk this fine line, but he’s an easy punching bag.”

The duo also talked with Screen Rant and shared their experience from acting on the sets of Scream. The joy of coming back for another film in the Scream franchise and as a Sheriff was immense for Marley Shelton. "I was thrilled" coming back to Scream, she shared. "I couldn't believe it. I got this call out of the blue that they were relaunching the franchise and that Judy Hicks was coming back, and I was over the moon. I loved playing Judy in Scream 4 and, as you just pointed out, she's had some nice evolutions since we've last seen her," told the actress. "She's gone from deputy to Sheriff." 

Another notable fact about the film is that the character of Wes is consciously named so to honor Wes Craven and the legacy that he left behind with the Scream films. While many fans of the franchise might have already made the connection, it took Dylan Minnette a few minutes to connect the dots. "It took me a moment to realize it," said the actor about the Wes name connection.

"I obviously am completely aware of Wes Craven, his legacy, and what he's done with Scream. And I knew that my character name was Wes, but it did not compute with me until someone pointed it out randomly to me. They're like, "Yeah, cause Wes is named after Wes Craven!" revealed the actor. "I was like, "Oh, my God, of course." I didn't realize. I mean, it's, of course, an honor. It's a subtle nod. But, if it has to do with me, then I'm all for it. It's really great. I'm proud."

Apart from 'Wes,' there are going to be many easter eggs hidden in the film, as revealed by Marley Shelton. "That's the great thing, though, about this movie, is that there are so many cool easter eggs and references. I want to see it multiple times, just to pick up all the hidden treasure and think, "Oh, wait a minute! That's from that!" It's pretty cool," she said.

Judy Hicks and Wes struggle with life as Ghostface takes over Woodboro; Credits: Looper

So, when you watch the movie, keep your eyes peeled to pick up all the hidden details.