Offset mentions that he's speechless in the aftermath of Takeoff's unfortunate demise. Read statement here.
by Ana Walia | Tue, 15 Nov 2022 21:05:46 GMT
Offset and Takeoff. Image Source: CNN

Offset breaks his silence about Takeoff’s untimely demise.

On November 1st, Migos rapper Takeoff was shot at a bowling alley in Houston, Texas, and now his cousin and fellow band member Offset has broken his silence on his death.

Offset took to social media to share a heartfelt post for Takeoff in which he wrote that the pain he has caused him is unbearable, adding that his heart is shattered and he has so many things to say but cannot find the right words to express them. Offset mentioned in his post that he has been going to bed and waking up every day for the past two weeks in the hope that all of this is going to a bad dream. 

The rapper continued that, but it’s the reality, and the reality feels like a nightmare to him right now, mentioning that every time he would see him, he would not give him a kiss but a hug. Offset’s emotional post continued, where he mentioned that he wished he could hug him one last time, smoke with him one last time, and perform with him one last time. The artist added that he knows someone with a soul like his is in heaven now, and he hopes that he can see how much they love and miss him.

Offset said that Takeoff’s demise has left a hole in his heart that will never be filled, and he asked for strength from his brothers and his family, mentioning that even though he knows that Takeoff will always be with them, he urged him to show him a little sign or a beautiful dream. He concluded that he loves him forever, for life and after. Offset wrote in his caption that he didn't feel real posting him like this and that this doesn't feel like reality to him. The rapper mentioned that he has been looking for the right words to say, but there are not any words that will suffice for the loss they feel.

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Takeoff’s uncle and Migos member Quavo also took to his social media over the weekend and paid his tribute to the late rapper, stating that he never really bothered anyone and anything bothered him; he never went mad or raised his voice, but when he did, he could silence the entire room because what he had to say was the law, and he was never changing his mind. He added that all this time he had been trying to figure out what he was to him because, even though he was his nephew, they never liked the term "nephew," and he could not call him his brother because he was his sister’s son, mentioning that now he knows what he is to everyone: an angel. Quavo was present at the time when Takeoff was shot during a heated argument but he was unharmed. 

Quavo added that throughout this whole time, Takeoff had a real passion for music, and it was his dream to become a rapper because he did not know what Quavo wanted to do, adding that sports were not his thing as he saw him lose all the time. The rapper stated that Takeoff was unconcerned about titles, credits, or who got the most attention; it wasn't just him, and he didn't care about anything as long as they brought it back home to the family. Quavo mentioned that everyone felt his love and hugs while he was here, and he made their dreams come true as he manifested for them.

Quavo lastly mentioned that he is very proud to be in his life and proud to be called his uncle, and he asked him to keep sending his blessings down from Heaven, and he will continue to keep his name alive as long as he lives. He added that it will always be his responsibility to look after his nephews and nieces, and he will do that before they make any moves or decisions.

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Takeoff’s Celebration of Life was held on Friday at State Farm Arena in Atlanta by the rapper's family, where artists including Offset, Quavo, Cardi B, Drake, Justin Bieber, Gucci Mane, Lil Yatchy, etc. paid their respects to the late rapper, who was remembered for his endearing and impressive personality. Thousands of fans showed up for the ceremony which showcased how much he was loved. 

In his official obituary, Takeoff was remembered by his family, friends, and thousands of fans who showed up as a gentle person with a sense of calm about him and a sensible personality far beyond his years. They claimed that the rapper was charismatic and impressive both professionally and in his personal life and that he simply instructed performers, family, industry, and peer groups alike to honor him anywhere and everywhere his path took him.

There are no phrases or feelings communicated that might aptly embrace the love many of them had for him and the effect he made on this world, the obituary concluded. Takeoff would wish for the world to see the brightness of whatever he created and to continue trying to lift one another and encouraging the creations people make. The obituary lastly added that the rapper is now among the stars he adored, and he lives on every day in all of their hearts, through his music and the love he helped bring to so many.