The OG and new cast of Scream 5 comes together to share their favorite moments from the movie and more
by Jaskiran Kaur | Mon, 17 Jan 2022 17:03:01 GMT
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Scream 5 has finally made it to the theaters, and it is safe to say that it has got an overwhelming response from the audience. From the nostalgic perception of the Scream movies, the Ghostface character, and more, the film had so much that appealed to the audience that likes a good scary show. 

The cast of the film is also really excited seeing their work received so much appreciation. While the older actors are happy to have renewed the franchise successfully and once again be a part of the cultural phenomenon that the film has become, the newer actors are glad they could be a part of a great franchise, too. 

Recently, Screenrant held a few interviews with the old and the new cast members of the film, asking them about their experiences and favorite moments from the Scream films. The film takes the audience back to Woodsboro, a place once again under the threat of Ghostface, and here is how new stars in the franchise dealt with the film. 

The actors were first asked how they felt acting with industry stars like Courtney Coxx, Neve Campbell, and David Arquette, who are famous for the Scream franchise. Mikey Madison shared, "I think they were all so incredibly kind and welcoming to us. But David, especially. He stayed in the same funny hotel that we were staying in and joined us for dinners. I'm sure everyone has been talking about the famous red tricycle that he had, but he bought this red tricycle and would let us borrow it."

 "Jasmin, Jen, and I would use it every single day. So, he's just great," she continued.

Sonia Ammar added, "Another moment that I loved... this was once we had wrapped shooting, and we're back in LA... Courteney invited us to her beautiful house and had a fun dinner, and then she had a microphone there and was playing the piano, and some of us sang. I sang a song, and a couple of other people did. That was fun."

Noticeably, in all the interviews given by the Scream actors, they have maintained a sense of secrecy about the characters, understandably so. But what is most enticing and exciting is that all the actors stressed that the film has a tonne of Easter eggs hidden around. When asked if Liv Mckenzie, the character played by Ammar, is related to the Mckenzies from Scream 1, Ammar coyly said, "I'm not gonna say anything. I don't know anything. That's the fun of anticipating the movie."

She added, "There's a bunch of Easter eggs that people are going to figure out when they watch the film. And that's the fun of it. The secrecy behind it, I think, keeps it exciting."

In another interview, David Arquette and Neve Cambell talked with Screen Rant on how the film's veteran actors helped renovate the franchise. Both Arquette and Cambell have been on the set since the first Scream movie, and being on the sets once again meant a lot to them. 

Neve Campbell admitted, "Just shooting that final sequence, which took us about three weeks. Because it was a long sequence and complex and wonderful." She added, "Those actors, Matt and Skeet, and everybody involved were just so phenomenal that it really brought me straight back to that time in Santa Rosa, California, which was a very, very special time for all of us and obviously meant a lot to our lives."

The film is now nearing its 25th anniversary. 

Another fascinating fact about the series has to be that the iconic character of Dewey might not have gone to David Arquette at all. Scream fans have always enjoyed fishing out parallel universe stories, where a different actor plays another character from the film than the original series. Funnily enough, fans are not far from the mark.  

David Arquette admitted, "Originally, they wanted me to look at some of the other characters in the film. But I told Wes, "I really love the role of Dewey. I think I could bring something different to it." And he was like, "That's very interesting." And then luckily, I got cast, and it changed my life."

Though the films have been pretty satisfying in their own right and stand complete as of now, Woodsboro is a place with countless hidden tales to share. Hence, there is more than a passing chance that the series has its own reboot or continues with the sequels. So, will there be more Scream films in the future?

Neve Campbell said, "It would seem there are always more stories to be told in Woodsboro, and there is a taste for it. So, I think, if people love this one, I would imagine there will be an appetite, and we, of course, would all love to be a part of it." To this, David added, "Ghostface is such an iconic character." Therefore, there is always going to be a chance that Ghostface gets to come back in a different sequel of the film. 

When Mason Gooding talked with Screenrant, he shared that starring with the legacy cast had him grounded. He said, "You want to talk about grounded – Grounded performance from one Jamie Kennedy, who performs as Randy so eloquently and so professionally that as an actor stepping into the niece and nephew roles, Jamie's legacy."

He continued saying, "You just want to do proper respects, do the process--" to which Jasmin Savoy added, "You want to do the process well, and you want to make sure that he feels honored and that Wes Craven's legacy is honored and the fans feel celebrated and seen."

The new cast shared what they liked best about the OG actors; Credits: Rotten Tomatoes

Sharing his favorite moment from the movie, Gooding revealed, "Mine would have to be Mrs. Loomis in Scream 2, mainly for how surprised I was to see that be implemented in the film. And also, just the execution, again, is hilarious. And it makes me laugh every time but in an excited, terrified sort of way."