Marvel brings another classic comic book character to life, starring Jared Leto
by Jaskiran Kaur | Sat, 02 Apr 2022 06:22:54 GMT
Jared Leto stars as the comic book character Morbius, a vampire, in the film of the same name; Credits: Indian Express

Morbius has made its entry into the IMAX theaters and has received mixed reactions from its fans. While there is much that the film could have accomplished, it is still a distinctive watch and sets a new precedent in the history of Marvel films, along with the much-revered Disney plus series, Moon Knight, by Marvel. 

The film stars Jared Leto as the lead character of the film. The actor already had experience in playing Comic book characters and had starred as Joker in Suicide Squad. With Morbius, he once again got the chance to breathe life into a book character.

Morbius by Sony is the latest take of the Studio on the Spider-Man universe, a world they have been expanding in on the past. The Oscar winner plays Dr. Michael Morbius, who is looking for a cure to his disease and his search transforms into a vampire. 

The actor recently talked about how he came across the project and what he loved about Morbius that he decided to play another comic book character in a production. 

Beginning his conversation, Jared Leto shared a pun, saying he's a "sucker" for these productions, clearly referring to his blood-sucking vampire character. Morbius has been a great character on the comic book pages for a while now, but Jared Leto said that he liked the opportunity of bringing him to life for the first time ever. 

It was not exactly easy to work to do as many franchises have expanded on bringing the book page characters to real life, in turn fueling the expectations of the audience whenever a new character is launched. But Morbius had to be newly transformed into a 3-dimensional, onscreen character and that was really "exciting."

Marvel has done a great job in the past years, slowly introducing all its characters to film or TV screens, and with its latest Sony collaboration, they managed to make a great Spider-Man franchise. So, as Morbius got the opportunity to feature in theaters like the classic cinema scene, Jared Leto wanted to be a part of that. 

Such theater releases are a step back to pre-covid reality as people watch their favorite superheroes on screen with popcorn in their hands. And normalcy is something everyone is yearning for these days.

While Morbius didn't have a person play the character before Jared Leto took the part in the film, there was actually an animated cartoon production, Morbius: The Living Vampire. Leto shared that he was too old at the time of the release of the cartoon and did not watch it as an onscreen reference for his character portrayal. 

The cartoon version of the character had bloodsuckers on his hands, and he would leave people with welt marks on their bodies after draining their blood. Leto joked that the character could induce the fear of hands in people as they worry over someone draining their blood if they touched them with their fingers. 

Explaining why he specifically chose to play a vampire character, Leto shared that he has always liked vampires. He revealed that he liked reading the Anne Rice novels, The Vampire Chronicles, and one of the first movies he ever saw was the black-and-white film Dracula. 

He also admitted that he loves The Hunger, by David Bowie, where a vampire feeds on the clubgoers in NYC, but the movie does not have much recognition with a wide audience.

Hence, Morbius was simply a role that he wanted to play, and when he got the opportunity, he could not have said no to the offer. Not only does he get to play a famous comic book character but also introduces his own take on the role, making him unique and new. 

Now that Morbius has finally descended into the arena, the next question is which Marvel timeline would he penetrate and which superhero will have to face him. Of course, there is something about Morbius and Spider-Man coming to a face-off that is truly exhilarating. 

The actor foreshadowed that there is a high chance for his character and Tom Holland's Spider-Man to come to a battle. Tom Holland made a great mark in the Marvel Studio productions this past year and proved his worth as the web-slinger of the franchise. 

Him and Morbius coming together will be an epic moment for the film. So, a sequel would be amazing for both the characters. But Spider-Man is not the only contestant who would get to star in a probable sequel of the film. 

The film has expertly hidden Black Cat in a newspaper in the trailer of the film, possibly hinting at another character who could get to meet Leto's vampire role. The actor also named Robert Downey's Iron Man as another hero he would like to face. 

Apart from saying that there are many people who he could star with, he mentioned that Venom is a character that would "sense" to star across him.