Was Michelle Young's separation from Nayte Olukoya unforeseen? Find out what she has to say.
by Ana Walia | Wed, 06 Jul 2022 20:40:28 GMT
Michelle Young is opening up about her split from Nayte Olukoya. Image Source: Today 

Michelle Young is opening up about her split from ex-fiance Nayte Olukoya.

During a recent episode of The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous podcast, which premiered on Tuesday, the former lead of The Bachelorette addressed the recent split with ex-fiance Nayte Olukoya for the first time. The couple ended their engagement in June.

Michelle Young said to the hosts Ben Higgins and Ashley Ianconetti that the split was not something that she foresaw and she was going to leave it there. Since her split, she has been leaning on her family and friends for support and love to heal. She said that it’s been quite a transition for her, which comes at the same time when she has decided to take a step back from the classroom and take some time off because she feels burned out. When host Ashley Ianconetti asked Michelle if she decided to step away from the classroom because she wanted to spend more time with Nayte Olukoya at the time, Michelle answered that both of them are very independent people, but at the same time, she wanted to work toward different things and added that they were in two different places.

The former Bachelorette said that she just wants to get out of the survival mode and now it’s the breakup she has to deal with and mentioned that it’s not something that she had planned to have to work through the summer, but she understands that sometimes people have to work through things that they do not expect or plan for. Michelle said that the break from the classroom would have happened with or without the relationship, but obviously, she would have spent more time with Nayte Olukoya. The reality star said that one has good days and then there are bad days too, and all of it comes and goes in waves. Michelle shared with the hosts that she has surrounded herself with friends and family who go on the waves with her and are willing to take on those waves with her, which has been helpful in her journey to recovery, which she says is very emotional.

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The couple who got engaged on the season finale of the 18th season of The Bachelorette said that it is still to be decided how the approximately $200,000 that was given to both of them as a gift would be used going forward. Michelle revealed that while she hasn't made a firm decision or definite plans, she has started putting several initiatives in place to give back to society, create an organization, or just spread awareness of the reforms she has been advocating.The teacher who announced her break from teaching mentioned during the Podcast that something that she’d feel good about is where she is going to invest.

Michelle Young also mentioned that she has been crying on the phone with one of the producers to know if she can give the money to someone else and said that she understands that it was a lot of money. During the conversation, Michelle Young mentioned that some comments read "she fakes it and more," to which she only thought that staying away from social media was going to be helpful and she needed to work on herself and find the inner peace she needed to before stating that she is not good with posting if things are not okay.

She, somewhere in the conversation, said that breakups suck and hurt and sometimes it feels like nothing is in your control and you cannot speed up the time, but one can put in the work and focus on oneself. Michelle said that she said to herself that this is not how the story ends for her. Speaking of support, Michelle Young noted that previous Bachelorettes like Tayshia Adams, Kaitlyn Bristowe, Rachel Lindsay, and Becca Kufrin, who have all had public breakups have reached out and provided her with some guidance. Becca Kufrin too had a public relationship and then breakup so Michelle has been leaning onto her for support. And afterward, she claims that she has a few close friends who are also able to understand who she is; they just understand her, what hurts, and how she reacts to certain situations, and they can sit there and assist her in sorting things out. The Bachelorette alum added that it has been so hard, and very emotional, but they have been very helpful.

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Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya announced their split in June by sharing separate statements in which she shared that she is incredibly thankful to everyone who supported her and Nayte throughout the show and even after that, and added that being under the public eye is not easy, but the couple has decided to move ahead separately but added that they will always be supportive of each other but from a distance.

Michelle added in her statement that what they had was real and it’s very heartbreaking for them to even announce this and there is a heaviness in their hearts because the relationship they shared was real for both of them. Addressing Nayte Olukoya, she said that he soon became her best friend, and the love she has for him is incredibly strong and concluded that right now she is hurt and will need time and space to work through the heartache.Michelle Young mentioned that she will always acknowledge and appreciate the adventures, support, and growth both of them have had during the experience.