What does Kid Cudi have to say about friendship with Kanye West?
by Ana Walia | Wed, 17 Aug 2022 19:53:55 GMT
Kid Cudi explains the fallout with Kanye West. Image Source: EW 

Kid Cudi explains the fallout with Kanye West.

Kid Cudi discussed his feud with fellow rapper and close friend Kanye West in a recent interview with Esquire for the September issue.

Kid Cudi, who has been friends with Pete Davidson, who recently broke up with Kanye West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian, had been the reason why Kid Cudi and Kanye West could not sustain their friendship. But their friendship did not end only because Kid Cudi was friends with Pete Davidson but because they started working together on songs once Cudi joined Kanye's G.O.O.D. record label in 2008 and after leaving G.O.O.D. in 2013, Kid Cudi criticised Drake and Kanye on social media for supposedly using ghostwriters for their songs three years later. On stage, Drake and Kanye responded to Kid Cudi, with Ye telling his audience he felt "very disrespected."

Kanye West had posted a picture of Kid Cudi, Pete Davidson, and Timothée Chalamet having dinner and put a red cross on Pete’s face, stating that he just wanted his friend to have his back and adding that the knife just goes deeper. Kid Cudi's friend Pete Davidson, who has battled depression and has been very vocal about his struggles, credits Kid Cudi and his music for saving his life. In 2016, Pete Davison said on The Breakfast Club that he would have killed himself if it wasn't for Kid Cudi who saved him. 

Kid Cudi's reply to Kanye West's post on him not being a part of Donda 2. Image Source: Daily Beast

Kid Cudi wanted to keep up his friendship with the comedian-actor, thus Ye later revealed on social media that Kid Cudi wouldn't appear on his upcoming album, "Donda 2." As he said that it's too bad since he does not want to be a part of Ye's album, and labelled him a fucking dinosaur, claiming that everyone knows that the best part of his albums since they met has been him, Kid Cudi did not appear to care too much about being a part of Donda 2.

In an interview with Esquire, Kid Cudi opined that it might take a motherfucking miracle for him and Ye to mend fences and restore their friendship since he does not see it happening unless Kanye West takes on the cloistered life. Whether or not he is acquainted with Pete Davidson, he claimed that he is not one of Kanye West's children or Kim Kardashian, and that none of the shit that Ye has been going through has anything to do with him.

Kanye West needs to own up to his mistakes like every other man in this life, according to Kid Cudi, who went on to say that if he can't cope with the fact that he lost his lady (Kim Kardashian) like a grown man, then that's not his fucking problem. He continued by saying that he had also lost ladies and he had to take responsibility. Kid Cudi added that that is not what he needs in his life right now.  

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Kid Cudi initially declined to discuss Kanye West during the conversation, but later said that he will be talking about it on his own terms and when talking about the hate he received online, Kid Cudi pointed out that only if people knew what it was like to wake up one morning and find someone trashing them on social media without having proper knowledge of what had happened. He added that Kanye West's fans' started messaging him on Twitter and Instagram and on every single comment he made, he was given hate. Kid remembered that Ye had the power to mess with him at the time and he mistreated Kid Cudi by utilizing his influence, which made him angry. Kid Cudi claimed that Kanye West's remarks and the feedback that followed from online users had affected his mental health.

On the other hand, Kid Cudi claims he has zero tolerance for the wrong energies following a year-long struggle with his mental health, which included time spent in rehab back in 2016. He claims to have seen Kanye West burn people numerous times while doing some fucked-up shit before quickly forgiving him. Kid Cudi continued by saying that there are no repercussions with Kanye West and that you have control once more while mentioning that he notices that he keeps doing it. Kid Cudi also questioned the idea that Kanye West started his career.

Kid Cudi said that although being chosen for Kanye West's 808s and Heartbreak was amazing, the rapper did not come and pick him up from Applebee's or the Bape store. Kid Cudi argues that his success is a result of both his work and that of his original team of producers, Patrick "Plain Pat" Reynolds, Oladipo Omishore, and Emile Haynie. Kid Cudi insists he means what he has said about a prospective reconciliation.

Kid Cudi also added that with due respect he is not Drake, who is ready to take a picture with him next week and become buddies again, and their dispute has been squashed, with all due respect. He mentioned that he has been on Ye's album but Ye has only been on two of his, and added that should tell the audience something and clarified that it is not like he did not ask him to be on his album.

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In an ironic turn of events, recently Kid Cudi took Kanye West's spot as the festival's headlining act this year after Kanye West pulled out from the festival a week before. Kid Cudi who was performing on-stage received a lot of boos from the audience and had threatened to leave the stage if concertgoers persisted in throwing objects at him after a couple did so during his performance. As promised, he did put down the microphone and walked away. But soon, Kanye West appeared as a guest performer on-stage during Lil Durk's performance. 

Entergalactic, Kid Cudi's tenth album, will be released in September along with a related animated Netflix series. As a producer and creator, Kid Cudi views the programme as his first important flex. At the age of 38, Kid Cudi claimed that he is finally able to express that he likes himself. And while he couldn't have said it six years ago, he is now able to say it with conviction and sincerity, and it is evident.