Why did Katie Maloney call Scheana Shay "evil"? Find out here.
by Ana Walia | Thu, 23 Feb 2023 19:31:33 GMT
Katie Maloney calls Scheana Shay "evil." Image Source: People

Katie Maloney calls Scheana Shay "evil."

Katie Maloney called out Scheana Shay on Wednesday's episode of Vanderpump Rules for continuing to push her ex-husband Tom Schwartz to hook up with friend and co-star Raquel Leviss.

Scheana Shay was later heard telling Raquel Leviss that she is not attempting to push anyone but mentioned that when they were in Vegas for the Vanderpump Rules preview, Katie Maloney told her she'd come across some rumors about Raquel and Tom Schwartz online, and if they were true, she will indeed embrace them.

Katie told Scheana that Tom Schwartz needed to begin dating, and she was the one who pressed her to bring it up with Raquel. However, after having a conversation with Katie Maloney and Lala Kent on a girls' night out, Raquel continued to insist to Scheana that this wasn't the case. Katie told Raquel that she wasn't going to be okay with a potential romance that involved Katie's ex-husband Tom Schwartz because if it happened, it would hurt. This urged Scheana to respond, saying that Katie Maloney shouldn't have ever said she would accept that.

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In a confessional, Scheana stated that Katie and her friendship has been on a rollercoaster of emotions, and it would seem that they both are interested in seeing the worst in one another and have trouble discovering the good. However, after Scheana questioned Tom Schwartz to discuss the breakup on her Scheananigans with Scheana Shay podcast, Katie decided to make her feelings toward Scheana clear.

Katie Maloney was overheard on a FaceTime call with Lala Kent saying that a friend wasn't going to do that, that a friend just wouldn't bring somebody's ex on a talk show when he's sensitive like this and try to intimidate him into saying shit. She went on to say that Scheana should stay the fuck out of her shit and that they don't need her. She said that if Scheana wants to be supportive, she can supportive over there.

Katie went on to say that the reality TV star is a villainous, evil little troll, claiming that Scheana is a shitty person, a shitty friend and that it's fine because karma will finally come for her, and she will smile as her world burns. Despite Katie's concerns, Scheana showed up at Tom Schwartz's residence with Raquel, where they addressed how "blameless" their podcast discussion was.

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Scheana told Raquel that she doesn't understand how to deal with the situation since she's sorry that she caused her emotions to be hurt, but she isn't sorry for just doing things with her heart and everyone thinking she has this devious brain and she is like, this deceitful person trying to do shit like that.

After addressing the "double standard" of Katie being free to date while Tom Schwartz is not, Scheana asked the Tom Tom co-owner when he is going to begin living his life for you and stop living his life for how she's going to feel or react to something that he does. Scheana questioned why he couldn't flirt but she could f—-? Scheana confronted Katie at the show venue to clarify why she invited Raquel to Tom Schwartz's residence, but Katie refused.

Katie told Scheana that the things she's been up to, what she was doing with Schwartz on her talk show, are very insensitive, and that she is pretty disgusting. Katie continued by stating that Scheana and her talk show should end here. Noting that she did not require that she discuss the most heartbreaking day of her life. It has completely nothing to do with her.

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Scheana replied by stating that Tom Schwartz did not have an obligation to answer questions. Katie then responded by telling Scheana that what she believes is meaningless to her adding that what they're doing provides no space for her emotions and thoughts and noting that Scheana has no position in this. Katie eventually told Scheana, after some more back and forth tells Scheana to get the fuck out of her divorce and says that she is appreciative of where they are going and that she is jeopardizing everything. She said Scheana is trying to interfere like a troll and she is done with her. Katie then told her ex-husband about her frustration and anger with Scheana adding that she's an fucking snake, and she is finished with her.

Tom Schwartz, on the other hand, was more concerned with Katie allegedly hooking up with an old flame and said to her that it's okay if she does it adding that she is not obligated to explain anything to him. Katie said to Tom that she understands she doesn't have to explain anything at all because she didn't bring it in his face like they are now adding that they're a bunch of fucking jerks and it is a dreadful thing to do. Katie further informed Tom Schwartz, who winced when she began cursing. She lastly added that she's such an fucking bitch dude and she puts herself between them and tears them apart like she's doing right now.