Alexander Ludwig praises Lauren Ludwig as she opens up about her miscarriage
by Ana Walia | Tue, 31 May 2022 15:17:43 GMT
Alexander and Lauren Ludwig. Image Source: People 

Lauren Ludwig is the strongest.

Actor Alexander Ludwig’s wife, Lauren Ludwig, recently took to her social media to share a heartfelt post about how she has been dealing with her third miscarriage.

Lauren wrote that she has gone back and forth about whether to share this on social media or not, but eventually decided to post about it because she feels that people must talk about this topic and wants to be honest and truthful about how to deal with it. She then went ahead to reveal that the couple had recently suffered their third miscarriage.

The wife of the Vikings' actor then went ahead to say that she wanted to talk about it because she wanted to start a dialogue or conversation around it to remind people who have experienced the same that they are not alone. She added that she does not believe it is shameful for her to share about it on social media because, by starting a conversation, she hopes to help others realize how common miscarriages are for women and that it is not something to be ashamed of.

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Lauren continued that going through the miscarriage has made her realize that she is not alone and it’s common but still people avoid talking about it, and by sharing her experience, she believes that more people will speak up and talk about it, and maybe then people who go through this will feel less lonely and at fault. She added that information is power and she wants to start sharing more of it. Lauren Ludwig concluded her post by adding that this is going to be a part of their story and she hoped that by sharing this, there would be someone out there who would feel less lonely and at fault today.

Alexander Ludwig commented on his wife’s post, appreciating her for being so strong, and added that he is very proud to call her his wife, adding that her strength and resilience amaze him every day, and called her the love of his life. Alexander added, "We got this baby" and shared her post on his social media with a heartfelt caption that read that Lauren Ludwig’s strength astounds him every time and added that her resilience through this phase is just one of the reasons why he loves her. The actor continued that all the bumps that life throws at them, they will fight them and pass them and added that they are not alone.

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The actor’s wife received an outpouring of love and support from fellow stars, including Jason Aldean, who commented that he is sorry about the loss but added that he and Britt went through the same thing and that these things (pregnancy) will happen when it’s time. Jason added to his comment that both Alexander and Lauren are going to be great parents and they cannot wait to meet the kid who will be a blessing. Jason Aldean reminded the couple to not lose hope and concluded that he and his family were thinking about them.

Actress Ashely Greene also commented, stating that miscarriages happen often and are rarely talked about, and she appreciated the couple for talking about it and thanked them for sharing their vulnerability and graciousness with the world.

The couple tied the knot in January 2021, and Alexander Ludwig shared that the couple eloped a few months after the actor popped the question and tied the knot at The Lodge at Blue Sky’s private mountain retreat. Alexander mentioned that life is too short and he did not want to wait another day without calling Lauren, his wife, so they eloped. Meanwhile, Lauren Ludwig wrote that she loves Alexander Ludwig forever and added that he continues to show her what life is truly about every day and how to be strong, resilient, and courageous. She concluded that she was a better person by his side.