Ana de Armas discusses her thoughts on social media and its impact on her career as a movie star
by Ana Walia | Sat, 18 Feb 2023 21:01:10 GMT
Ana de Armas is opening up about her perspective on social media and its impact on being a movie star. Image Source: THR 

Ana de Armas is opening up about her perspective on social media and its impact on being a movie star.

During a recent conversation with Vanity Fair for the Hollywood 2023 issue, actress Ana de Armas stated that she has started to feel like the younger generations may not have that concept of Hollywood actors like Marilyn Monroe because of social networks.

Ana was asked during the interview if there was anything about her experience as an actress that she related to since she had spoken at length about just how badly she wanted to play Marilyn Monroe. To which the actress said that there had been a lot to which she could relate adding that if people would place Marilyn Monroe the movie star aside, she's just an actress trying to learn how to live and this framework, which is difficult for anyone to explore.

On top of that, they had Andrew's points of view, which was to see it through Marilyn's trauma. Ana de Armas says that she genuinely believed it would do fairness to a more dimensional human being because she didn't wish to be recognized for just one thing noting that she is more than a model on the cover of a magazine.

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Talking about social media, the actress said that there's so much information out there, and people are oversharing on social media because of which a movie star who is someone who may only be seen on screen is pretty much easily accessible to everyone and there is no mystery left compared to the times when social media was not booming. She said that people have mainly done it to themselves—no one is continuing to keep any information from anyone anymore.

The actress said she rarely uses social media, except for Instagram to promote her work. Ana explains that she rarely uses it because she always feels like everything on social media is wrong clarifying that she would remove Instagram right now if she could, but she can't. The Blonde actress said that she recognizes that she is more than just an actress and she is working with other brand names and have other obligations.

It's been great for Blonde and the films she would like to talk about but it's difficult because one might feel obligated to share some genuine insight or information about their personal life to keep people intrigued by them. Ana de Armas concluded that a person has to strike a balance, which she finds incredibly difficult.

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The actress during the interview was asked if she has received any unusual phone calls since the release of "Blonde". Ana said that after Bond, there was a wave of action roles, which was entertaining and she chose those that she thought were more exciting or involved people she wanted to work with. the actress adds that Ballerina, she believes, will be the end of that, at least for the time being, because she is now craving a new wave of Blonde-type films. Ana said she would like to work with directors and play characters and she has had the opportunity to meet directors with whom she would like to collaborate. The people she is getting access to are changing, which makes her very happy.

During the question and answer session, Selena Gomez, singer-actress-mental health advocate-entrepreneur, was also pictured and asked about her decision to delegate her social media accounts to an assistant due to how harmful she felt on Instagram, in particular, was. Selena Gomez asserted that she never had the chance to attend high school, that the universe was high school for the longest period, and that she began to be swamped with information that she did not want.

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Selena went on to say that she had gone through a complicated breakup and didn't want to hear any responses essentially about the relationship, but someone else's opinions comparing her with someone else. There would be a large number of really lovely comments, but Selena says her thoughts went straight to the mean ones, where they'd describe her as ugly or crazy and she'd like whatever, however, these people get precise. The actress explained that individuals started writing passages on social media that are so precise and impactful. She was crying and nervous all the time, to the moment where she couldn't do it any longer. She called it a bit pointless.

Selena Gomez's only app on her phone is TikTok, which she prefers because it's less hostile. Connecting with fans and observing how enthusiastic and happy they are, as well as their tales, are wonderful aspects of social media. But that's usually filtered through for her now. She created a procedure in which everything she seems to be doing is sent to her assistant, who posts it. In terms of remarks, her team will compile a few words of encouragement for the fans.