Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige Says He Is "Not Anywhere Near Bored Yet" of Disney+ MCU Shows
by Meenakshi | Wed, 17 Nov 2021 09:48:10 GMT
Image Source:, Variety

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, if not the one definitely one of the main guys responsible behind the popularity and success that the superhero-based franchise has been able to achieve in its just 13th years of long history, says he is he's "not anywhere near bored yet" ! of the several Disney+ series that the studios at this point of time are almost hitting the fans with which includes The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Wandavision, Loki, What If…? and the upcoming series starring Jeremy Renner’s sharpshooter Clint Barton also know as Hawkeye, the only member from the original six Avengers after the end of Phase 3 to receive a dedicated television series.

Feige in a recent virtual press conference took his time out to extensively speak on how has the reception been on from the fans towards the huge list of shows that the studio is pumping out as the MCU alone this year after the release of Hawkeye would have released a total of 5 Disney+ which it is itself is a lot for the Marvel fans if even one excludes all the superhero films that were also released like Black Widow, Shang-Chi and The Legends of Ten Rings and the newly released Chloe Zhao’s helmed The Eternals, starring superstars such as Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek.

"It's about Year Three or Four for us as we've been developing them. We learn on everything. The reception to each of them is what has been most gratifying. We wanted them to be different. We're sitting here talking about a fun, grounded, action Christmas series. Loki is this very otherworldly thing, Falcon and Winter Soldier geopolitical, WandaVision an ode to sitcoms and grief," Feige said during the recently held press conference, explaining that the reception till now has been excellent for all the series, premiered on Disney+as they were expecting because all of have them have been made different from each other to provide the viewers something different from what they were used to see till the end of Phase 3.

He added, admitting that while the fans are not going to be bored because of the uniqueness of each Disney+ series the studio is going to pump out it till the minds at the studio themselves are going to get bored. "It feels like the audience has responded the way we wanted them to. It doesn't seem like an overabundance of it. I've always said no one will ever get bored before we at Marvel Studios will of these projects. Going twenty-plus years, I'm not anywhere near bored yet because we're allowed to do within the sub-genre so many different types of things with amazing casts like. Some have seen the first two episodes, and I'm very excited for them to see the rest."

Starring Jeremy Renner in the role of Clint Barton, Hawkeye also stars Hailee Steinfeld in the role of Kate Bishop / Hawkeye, Tony Dalton in the role of Jack Duquesne, Zahn McClarnon in the role of William Lopez, Brian d'Arcy James, Alaqua Cox in the role of Maya Lopez also known as Echo, Florence Pugh in the role of Yelena Belova also know as Black Widow.