Apple TV+ comes forward with another thriller series, starring Gary Oldman
by Jaskiran Kaur | Thu, 07 Apr 2022 18:09:18 GMT
Slow Horses stars Gary Oldman and Jack Lowden as the lead characters; Credits: Apple

Apple TV is coming forward with another thriller series, this time starring Gary Oldman and Jack Lowden. The two had recently come together to explain how the characters feel motivated to do what they do in the series, and how the first season of the Apple TV+ will reveal the mystery of the characters and the events as the episodes go on. 

Slow Horses, the latest Apple TV plus series, is based on a popular novel series of the same name by Mick Herron. The series has finally been aired on the streaming service and the audience can enjoy the thrilling mystery of the events of the show. 

The tale of the series is focused on Jackson Lamb. The character is played by Gary Oldman, who is famous for his portrayal in Mank. Lamb is a pessimistic leader of Slough House. The character is trying his best to climb the career ladder, but while his team was one of the best a while ago, it is now stuck with cases that come to no conclusions and have to contend with managing the boring paperwork. 

Now, the exceptional team has come to be known as "Slow Horses" and they are making their peace with carrying out tasks beneath them while they have the skills and the abilities to do so much more. The situation becomes worse when the team is assigned another one of the transferred agents, River Cartwright, who is played by Jack Kowden from Kindred. 

However, things become interesting as the team finds that they have been landed smack in the middle of a chilling new case. 

Written by Will Smith, known for Veep, and helmed by the Sowpiercer's director James Hawes the six-episode series follows the team of the Slough House as they try upending the fraud of the newly established M15 agents. The case could make or break their chances at a better career. 

In their interview with Screen Rant, Oldman and Lowden shared where both of their characters are coming from and while one of them feels stuck with his unforgiving career, the other one is doing his best to bring promotions to his team. The characters are almost an open book as seen in the first two episodes of the series, which you can stream on Apple TV plus today!

The starting of the series shows that Riven is struggling with his placement at the Slough House and his training there did not go very well. However, he is strongly motivated and set on bettering his position and goals at the place as the season progresses onwards.

Jack Lowden shared that when River is first introduced into the series, it feels like he has everything under his control and that he knows what is the best approach for his career and his missions. He is pretty foolhardy in his beliefs.  

He is hoping that his career will take quite a leap and that he will ascend the ladder to success only to find himself dropped down into Slough House, his ambitions taking a big hit rather than achieving the heights. Now he is stuck with Oldman's character where they are bored to tears with the paperwork. His career can not survive the particular fall.

The disgrace of the situation fogs over his mood for the entirety of the six episodes of the season's first series. He needs something that can bring him out of that perpetual despair and make him feel better about it. 

On the other hand, there is Lamb who is in a similar situation and has his team to think about. Gary Oldman says that he suffering from a "case of tough love" but knows why things have become so bad and how he reached that point. 

Then there is River. He sees that the new transferred guy has a lot of ability, so he drills him out harder than anybody else and it all sets a tone for the show. He's trying to set responsibility for the people under his wing like a parent would do with their children.

He wants to make a "man" out of these people, make them strong and see how that goes for them. He is hammering the toughness into them even though they are pretty sturdy otherwise. 

Yet, it is also clear that River is not like the other agents at Slough House. He has distinctive respect for the new addition and is probably also holding out hope for him. He has faith that River could do better for their unit and is more capable than the other members he commands. 

Not to mention, he is also very loyal and committed to the rest of his team. Even though he sees something more in River, he will always stay strong for the rest of his fledglings and he will keep on showing them his love in his own weird way. 

The point is made crystal clear when he has a talk with Tavener. She points out that he loves his team, to which he sarcastically replies that "they're losers.  But they're my losers."

The series is available to stream from April 1, 2022.