David Archuleta talks about his coming-out story on The Jennifer Hudson Show
by Ana Walia | Thu, 17 Nov 2022 20:19:17 GMT
David Archuleta and Jennifer Hudson. Image Source: The Jennifer Hudson Show 

David Archuleta talks about his coming-out story.

During his appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, American Idol alum David Archuleta spoke about the time he decided to come out to the world back in June 2021 and how it affected his relationship with his faith. 

David shared with Jennifer Hudson that everything has been a process as he grew up very religious in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a.k.a. Mormons. He added that he almost got married three times to follow the church’s path (which is to take a woman as a wife etc.), but he eventually realized that he could not desire his former partners in a way that they deserved or wanted him to desire them.

The singer mentioned that everything is about marriage, about marrying someone and having children, which is why he decided to get married several times previously, but all of his former partners would ask him about his coldness, which is when he understood that maybe they were not the one for him and broke the engagement. Later in the interview, David mentioned that one could still have a family and be a part of the LGBT community.

On asking if stepping away from his church and faith was hard for him, David said that the church was everything to him, for his music, and everything in his life, and it was not like he hated it, adding that he still loves it but he had to step away from it as there is a lack of understanding with LGBT issues in the church, and all they think about is sex. David had revealed that as a child, he was taught that being a member of the LGBT community meant he harbored evil within him that would erupt one day.

The singer told Jennifer Hudson that one day he was just praying and got on his knees and said to God that if he was there and if he had a purpose for him, he should just please take this from him and change him because he doesn’t want to be this way, adding that he doesn’t want to be like this. 

David said that he understood what he heard which was God telling him to stop asking him to change him. The singer said he was asking God the wrong thing because he doesn't intend to change it, referring to him being a member of the LGBT community. David went on to say that he came to the realization he was having to spend more than half his life saying a prayer about it, having to beg God to change something he had no intention of changing because he had created him this way. Following that, the American Idol contestant mentioned that he is now learning to appreciate himself, to which Jennifer responded that it is the most important thing.

David Archuleta suffered from a faith crisis for a long time and contemplated suicide. Later, he realized that his sexuality was not a mistake, and he began to accept himself. The singer thanked Jennifer Hudson for calling him on the show and letting him share his feeling. 

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David Archuleta came out to the world via social media in June 2021, but he previously stated that he came out to his family in 2014 as gay and that he had similar feelings for both genders, implying that he is on the bisexual spectrum. Then he said that he discovered that he doesn't have as many sexual desires and urges as most people, which he guessed works because he is committed to waiting until marriage as it has been said by the Church. The singer said in his caption that he doesn't know what to make of it, and don't have all the answers. But he would just ask that everyone to please consider making room for those who are LGBTQIA+ and members of that community who are attempting to find that balance with their faith, which is also important just like their identity. 

On asking how the public reacted to his coming out, David said that they reached out to him by sending him thousands of messages sharing their experiences with him, and some of the people included members of his church in Nashville. David Archuleta said that they came out to him in the same way, adding that he tried so hard to fit in that no matter how hard he tried, he understood why so many people are scared.