"Eternals" actresses give Elle's Women in Hollywood Event a miss due to possible COVID-19 exposure
by Ana Walia | Fri, 22 Oct 2021 11:01:59 GMT
Image Source: ELLE, NBC News, Free Press Journal

Marvel Studios’ upcoming, much-anticipated movie Eternals world premiere was held on October 17th, 2021, at Los Angeles' El Capitan Theater. The entire cast of the film, including leading ladies Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Gemma Chan, and Lauren Ridloff, walked the red carpet in their best outfits, accompanied by their loved ones. Film's director, Chloé Zhao, garnered a positive response from the critics for her splendid work along with actors receiving appreciation for their performances as well. 

"Eternals’" world premiere was held on October 17th, 2021, at Los Angeles' El Capitan Theater. Image Source: Entertainment Weekly 

The next day, Elle Editor-in-Chief, Nina Garcia, confirmed the news that the leading ladies of the movie are in quarantine after a possible COVID-19 exposure at the world premiere. She wrote, "As you may have heard, the cast of the Eternals, who we are honoring here tonight, was just exposed [to COVID], and to keep everyone safe, those superheroes are now in super-isolation. Sorry, but that is the new reality."

A Disney spokesperson confirmed to EW that the stars of "Eternals" are under self-isolation as a precaution. The spokesperson said, "Earlier today we were made aware of a possible exposure to COVID-19, and while all of our talent has tested negative, out of an abundance of caution, we are pivoting to virtual appearances rather than in-person events." The spokesperson also confirmed that the rest of the promotional tour for the movie will be conducted virtually for now.

The four leading ladies planned to give speeches at the Elle Women in Hollywood event on Tuesday along with Jennifer Hudson, Rita Moreno, Jodie Comer, Gal Gadot, and Halle Berry. The actresses were honored by Elle to celebrate their roles and contributions to film and television. 

ELLE 2021 is a publication dedicated to women in the twenty-first century. The honorees for Women in Hollywood are the epitome of tenacity. They use art to channel trauma (Jennifer Hudson), and they speak truth to power (Jodie Comer). From Rita Moreno, the first Latina to win an Academy Award (for Best Supporting Actress), to Halle Berry, the first (and still only) black woman to win an Academy Award for Best Actress, to Lauren Ridloff, who, like her Eternals character Makkari, is deaf, a first for Marvel films. Ridloff's co-stars have spoken out against AAPI violence and are devoted champions for refugees (Angelina Jolie) and domestic abuse survivors (Salma Hayek) (Gemma Chan). Gal Gadot's bravery in standing up to on-set bullying and safeguarding her coworkers.

The honorees for Elle's 2021Women in Hollywood. Image Source: ELLE

Angelina, Salma, Gemma and Lauren delivered their speeches virtually. Gemma Chan was honored by Jon M. Chu and in her speech said, "I'm so sorry that I can't be with you this evening, but I am so proud to be honored alongside such incredible women: Angelina, Salma and Lauren. All of you I admire greatly, not just for everything they've achieved in their careers, but for everything they stand for in life and their advocacy."

Angelina Jolie was honored by Eva Longoria, and she read Angelina’s speech out loud, "I am thinking tonight of all the women who are bringing us through the pandemic. The scientists, the doctors and nurses, so many others who are showing us what strength and sacrifice are and whose contribution transcends borders. One of the best things about being part of the Eternals was working with such a global cast, with women who were born in countries where the struggle for equality and rights is even more challenging than it is here. Women who know that what makes them different is what makes them beautiful and gives them even more to contribute. I feel truly honored to be part of this sisterhood." The speech continued, "We’ve all felt quite small at times. We have all felt scared and alone, and working in this business probably often feels like being valued for the wrong things or being taken advantage of. Every woman has probably experienced double standards, abuse of power, and the lack of accountability, and has had to fight to stay soft and open. For as much as we discuss inequality here, it is nothing compared to the limitations and abuse that women face in many other parts of the world. So while we fight here, we have to look outside here to the women and girls who are refugees, who are stateless, who are facing hunger and violence and fighting every day for basic rights and respect. To every young girl listening, know this: It is a gift to be a woman. That others may choose to suggest it demonstrates their fear of your power. Stay kind and soft, but own that power."

Eva Longoria honored Angelina Jolie and read her speech at the event. Image Source: CelebMafia 

Salma Hayek was honored by Demi Moore who read her speech at the event which read, "Thank you, Demi. You have always been there for me, even before you knew I existed. Since the minute I went up to you and had the courage to tell you what an inspiration you were to my life, you’ve made me a part of your beautiful family, coached me through the art of beauty, career choices, falling in love, pregnancy, and the beauty of long-lasting friendships that defy time and geography. My real-life superpower has been sisterhood. I come from a generation of women that had to create a united army of true warriors to break through an industry that systematically underestimated us. We had to have each other’s back. We had to draw strength from each other, and we had to be clever as a united force. But I cherish that adversity because it gave me the privilege to experience and value how powerful we are in solidarity. Tonight, I’m humbled to be honored alongside my heroes: the legendary Rita Moreno, Halle Berry, Gal Gadot, Jennifer Hudson, Jodie Comer, and my ‘Eternals’ sisters, Angelina, Gemma, and Lauren. The recognition from ELLE magazine is all the more meaningful to me because I share it with these extraordinary women. And speaking of extraordinary women, Chloe Zhao, thank you, for not only taking me under your wings, but giving me the chance to fly."

Demi Moore honored Salma Hayek and read her speech at the event. Image Source: Social XYZ

Earlier, Harish Patel, who also stars in the film, tested positive for the virus and was forced to miss the world premiere in Los Angeles due to his confinement. The actor is currently quarantined at his daughter's house in the United States, where she was planning to attend the film's premiere with her family. "I have been in the United States since October 7," Harish told News18 in an interview.

"On the 17th, I was all set to travel down to LA for the red carpet premiere on the 18th. Unfortunately, my test on the 16th revealed that I was positive for Covid-19, thus I was unable to fly to LA and missed the red carpet. Disney made every effort to get me to the United States, but man proposes, God disposes. I am presently quarantined in my daughter’s house in the US, whose family was also ready to attend the premiere with me", the actor added. 

"Eternals" is all set to be released on November 5th, 2021 and features Richard Madden, Kumail Nanjiani, Lia McHugh, Brian Tyree Henry, Barry Keoghan, Don Lee, Harish Patel, and Kit Harington. The movie managed to receive a positive response from the critics at the world premiere.

Speech Source: ELLE