Gerard Piqué's old interview leaves Shakira feeling devastated. Find more details here.
by Ana Walia | Mon, 09 Jan 2023 19:19:47 GMT
Shakira and Gerard Piqué announced separation in June 2022. Image Source: People

Shakira is devastated.

According to reports, singer Shakira, who announced her split from partner Gerard Piqué back in June 2022 after being together for 11 years, is devastated and disappointed as a new scandal has managed to bring back the drama for the former couple.

According to Sportsmanor, a zoom interview video from 2021 has resurfaced on the internet in which the football player Gerard Piqué was giving an interview to Ibai Llanos, the Spanish sportscaster, from their home, and his now-girlfriend Clara Chia Marti can be seen in the background. The home from which Gerard Piqué was giving his interview was the same home he shared with Shakira and the kids.

According to the video that has resurfaced, there were moments during the interview where Clara Chia Marti appeared to help Gerard set up the camera and another where she appeared to answer the front door after a knock. Even more jaw-dropping, Gerard appeared to call Clara Chia by name at one point in the clip.

The sources have said that at the time of the zoom interview, Shakira and Gerard Piqué were supposedly happily together, and Shakira was away traveling with their children when Gerard Piqué conducted the zoom interview. The former couple were very much together and happy at the time, and now, after discovering that interview and witnessing that the woman felt at home in the house the former couple shared with their children, Milan and Sasha. 

The insider added that the new scandal has hurt Shakira a lot, especially learning that the affair had been going on for longer than she had imagined. She is disheartened after learning about the situation. Shakira sort of addressed the cheating allegations in her New Year’s Eve post, where she said that even if individuals are still open in this new year, the time has the surgeon’s hands, and even if someone has betrayed them, they must continue to trust others.

The singer's post went on to say that when individuals are treated with disrespect, they should remember their value since there are more positive individuals than negative ones. People who are compassionate greater in number than those who are completely oblivious. The post further read that those who end up leaving outnumber those who remain by one's side noting that tears are not spent in vain; they help feed the soil from which one's future will grow and make them more human, allowing them to love even when they are heartbroken.

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Shakira made clear her feelings about the split in October 2022 for the digital cover story of Elle. She called it the "darkest time in her life," adding that it's extremely difficult for her to come to terms with, and she finds it challenging to speak about it, particularly because she is still going through it, as well as because she's in the public spotlight, and their break up was not typical.

Shakira explained to the magazine that after their kids Milan and Sasha started school, the family had to decide whether to consider relocating to the United States for her singing career or stay in Barcelona, where Gerard Piqué plays. She stated that one of the two had to make the effort and sacrifice, and she did; she put her career aside and traveled to Spain to support him so he could play soccer and win championships. And it was a love sacrifice.

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The "Whenever, Wherever" singer declined to elaborate on the reasons for the breakup, telling Elle that it was too raw and new. Whatever happened, or how Gerard and she feel about one another as ex-partners, he is the father of her children, and they both have a job to do for these two amazing boys, and she believes faith in their ability to figure out what works best for their future, their life dreams, and what is a fair solution for everyone involved.

It has now been reported that the singer and the soccer player have amicably reached an agreement in terms of child custody and Shakira along with the kids, will be moving back to Miami after living together in Barcelona for eight years. Gerard Piqué who recently announced his retirement has not commented on the viral video.