How did Megan Fox react when Sharna Burgess reached out to her?
by Ana Walia | Thu, 16 Jun 2022 12:54:32 GMT
Sharon Burgess is expecting her first child with Brian Austin Green. Image Source: US Magazine 

Sharna Burgess is in praise of Megan Fox.

Sharna Burgess, who is currently expecting her first child with actor Brian Austin Green, shared during an appearance on Nick Viall’s podcast "The Viall Files" about the relationship she shares with Megan Fox. Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox share three sons, Journey River, Bodhi Ransom, and Noah Shannon and decided to split up after being married for 10 years. 

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Sharna Burgess said that she reached out to the actress to discuss co-parenting and said that Megan Fox appreciated her move. She explained that after she and Brian started dating and were in about four or five months of their relationship, she asked him if she could get Megan’s number and expressed that she wanted to reach out to her and tell her that she is around her kids and if she ever wants to know anything about her or ever wants to get coffee, she would love that. Sharna Burgess added that if there was any way that she could support her in being a part of the situation, she’d be on board.

Sharna Burgess said during the interview that she thinks that Megan Fox appreciated her as she said thank you to her and thanked her for being good with her kids. Somewhere in the interview, Sharna Burgess also mentioned that she does not compare herself with Megan Fox because she understands that she cannot walk into a situation with someone and expect them to leave behind everything that they are experiencing or have been through. Sharna said that before she entered Brian’s life, he had a whole life with another person and the kids, so she understood that it was going to take some time for everyone to adjust.

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Sharna said that she wanted Brian to know that she would support him and love him in every way, but there is no comparison between her and Megan Fox since the previous relationship did not work out for a reason, so comparing herself to Megan would not have made sense to her. Brian also shared that the former couple is doing better than ever when it comes to co-parenting their kids. When talking about Megan Fox’s fiancé, Machine Gun Kelly, Brian said that the person she chooses to be with is not something he can have control over and is not something he wants to have control over either.

The actor added that all he cares about is his kids having a life with their mother, which is happy and healthy, and he wishes the same for Megan Fox too. Brian further continued that the fact that the kids can talk to Sharna about anything and Sharna can talk to their mother is a lot of relief and progress for them as a family. The actor said during the podcast that the kids have been very open and loving with Sharna since the time the two of them started dating, and there has not been any friction. The fact that they were able to accept the new relationship in their lives has been a great situation for all of them.