How did the Oscars room actually react to the Will Smith - Chris Rock incident?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Thu, 31 Mar 2022 18:22:02 GMT
The Oscars room erupted into confusion as the actor slapped Chris Rock on international broadcast; Credits: ZEE6

Oscars have been on the verge of a public fallout for a long time now, but this year's award ceremony featured some historical moments that could have made headliners for a long, long while. Unfortunately, the beauty of the awards show was soon stained by the ill-considered, angry reaction of Will Smith

The 94th Academy Awards started like any awards ceremony and featured a heart-melting speech by West Side Story actress Ariana DeBose. The Oscar winner shared that she is extremely grateful to win her first Oscar as a candidly known queer woman, who also happens to be a woman of color.  

The ceremony also featured a gorgeous performance by Beyonce Knowles Carter as she moved the audience with her skill, working on the song Be Alive by King Richard. 

Yet, things took a dark turn when comedian Chris Rock took to stage to perform his act. While the performance should have ended with the audience roaring with laughter, the only reaction following Rock's performance and Will Smith's slap was a shell-shocked audience not sure about what to do. 

Everyone knows about Will Smith angrily getting onto the stage and slapping Chris Rock in the middle of his performance when he joked about Jada Pinkett Smith's hairstyle. 

While many audience members previously thought it to be a giant Oscars prank and tried finding if everything was okay, it was all made clear as Will Smith went back to sit with Jada. He opened a terrifying dialogue aimed at Chris, filled with an abundance of swear words. 

Things turned even more awkward as Will Smith got on the stage once again, this time to receive his accolade for the Best Actor for his film King Richard. While he apologized to the Academy and his cast members, he completely ignored what he was apologizing for and stated that he is a man of love. 

People have still divided on their stance on whether the slap was justified or not, and so was Oscar's room at the time. Here is all that happened in the giant hall as the events unfolded, one by one.

Initially, things were going on pretty well, despite the low statistics of the audience watching the show. Chris Rock ascended the stage to present the Oscars awards to Oscar nominees Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz. But before he presented the awards, he managed to say a joke or two. 

That's before Will Smith got to him. 

After he was done with his joke directed at Javier Bardem, Chris Rock changed directions toward Jada and told her that he can't wait to see her performance in the G. I. Jane sequel. 

The first reaction caught on camera was Jada Smith rolling her eyes at the comedian for the joke. It was clear she did not find it funny. 

The actress has been open about her struggle with alopecia and that it was causing her to lose a lot of hair. She has been sharing her hair loss journey for some while on her Instagram account. 

When her condition worsened to a very high degree, Jada shared that it was becoming difficult for her to hide her hair loss. Hence, instead of hiding it, she chose to share her decision of going bald with her followers. Though she struggled a lot with the loss of hair, she made light of the condition. 

Yet, the same thing was not a laughing matter when Chris Rock decided to joke about a condition that caused Jada pain. Needless to say, Will Smith was triggered. 

The actor immediately got up and walked up the stage towards Chris Rock. The room instantly became very silent and confused, unsure of what Will's outburst would mean. 

The actor wasted no time walking toward the comedian, slapping and coming back to sit on his seat beside his wife. The broadcast was simply put on silent. 

However, Chris Rock admitted that Will Smith delivered one hell of a blow to his face, and the audience thinking it was a joke applauded and laughed, wiping away the nervous tension in the room. 

But everyone was again proved wrong as Will Smith descended to shout and demand that Rock do not speak his wife's name. The shocked comedian could only reply that it was a joke, but angry Smith was not ready to hear any of it. 

The audience went into a collective bout of silence, trying to figure out what all of it meant. The audience searched for answers in each other's faces, while Smith's voice grew louder as the room quietened. It was clear that the slap was not a part of the comedian's act, and that the celeb had slapped a performer on the stage. 

CODA star Emilia Jones thought that it was all a skit but soon Smith's voice could be heard around the hall, swearing at Rock and demanding that he not talk of Jada. 

Soon, fellow Oscar nominee and winner, Denzel Washington approached Will Smith and talked with the actor. However, he did not acknowledge the comedian on the stage. Denzel spoke with Will Smith once again when the broadcast had cut for a commercial break.  

Will Smith revealed in his Oscar's speech that Denzel had told him that the devil comes for you when you are at your best moment, and then proceeded to say that violence is not the answer and that he has only ever hoped for love. He even justified his actions, saying that people do stupid things when they are in love. 

Even after Will Smith delivered his apologetic speech, many people still believe that the whole incident was planned previously. With Smith being named the winner of the award, people were still not sure how to react. 

The celebrities who witnessed the incident firsthand refused to talk about the moment. A few celebrities from the room, like Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, approached the Smiths and gave them a long hug. 

While no one is sure what happened at the awards night, Chris Rock has firmly denied pressing charges against the actor, as revealed by the Los Angeles Police Department.