How is Armie Hammer doing now that "House of Hammer" has been released? Learn more here.
by Ana Walia | Wed, 07 Sep 2022 15:42:24 GMT
Armie Hammer is focusing on himself. Image Source: EW 

Armie Hammer is focusing on himself.

House of Hammer, a three-part document series premiered on September 2nd on Discovery Plus, which centers around the deep, dark, and twisted lives of Hammer men including Armand Hammer, Julian Hammer, Michael Armand Hammer, and Armie Hammer.

Just a few days before the series was set to premiere, reports came out that Armie Hammer is focusing on being committed to being sober and not spiraling down the other way round but his friends worried that House of Hammer could be a setback for the actor. The insider said that he was preparing himself as much as he could even though he has an idea of what is about to unveil in front of the audience.

Now, sources have claimed that Armie Hammer who has been spending time with estranged wife Elizabeth Chambers as they have been co-parenting their kids well has been keeping it low and focusing on getting better. The document series features interviews with Armie Hammer’s aunt Casey Hammer, Armie Hammer’s ex-girlfriends who had accused him of sexual abuse, with other shocking allegations against the Hammer family. The series includes messages, audio recordings, interviews and pictures surrounding the entire deep and dark secrets of Hammer men. 

Fortunately nothing has changed for the actor since the document series came out. Image Source: Just Jared

The sources close to Armie Hammer said that fortunately nothing has changed for the actor since the document series came out and his priorities are still the same which are to get better, focus on the kids, and make sure that his family feels secure. Both Armie and Elizabeth want to protect the kids because they are still very young and do not want them to suffer.

Relationships at the moment are not a priority for Armie Hammer, who announced his split from wife Elizabeth Chambers in 2020; instead, he prefers for things to develop naturally with a partner who would understand and supports him. According to the insider, the actor is tackling each challenge one day at a time. The performer is giving all of his attention to improving and progressing.

Casey Hammer, Armie Hammer’s aunt opened up about the series with Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier and said that it’s important to hold these (Hammer men) accountable for what they have done, even though most of them are dead, people of money and power and wealth mustn’t get away with bad behavior anymore. It's about holding perpetrators responsible, empowering victims, and allowing them to tell their tales so that they can begin the healing process, she continued, and Casey Hammer believes that House of Hammer puts a light on that.

Casey applauded the bravery of the women who came out with their charges in the docuseries, including Courtney and said that is one of the reasons she is proud of House of Hammer. They are extremely clever, accomplished women who somehow managed to get drawn into a system of brainwashing, manipulation, and control, Casey said, and now they're stuck there with no idea how to escape.

Even though the series is primarily concerned with the history of the Hammer family, Armie's controversy plays a significant part. But Casey said she hasn't spoken to the actor in a long time and said that once her mother passed away around 14 years ago, the group of us just kind of drifted apart, which was best for everyone. Up until that point, she had sort of kept us together in a dysfunctional way.

Nevertheless, Casey Hammer said that she wasn't surprised by a lot of the alarming claims that emerged early in 2021 against her nephew Armie Hammer. Like everyone else, Casey claimed she learned about it via the media, and the reason she wasn't astonished was because of what she had witnessed as a child in her own family. She went on to add that there had been several generations of abusive conduct. Casey said that she hopes it develops momentum and other survivors and victims may come forward and feel empowered. If people hear her story, it gives them the strength to come forward. Kevin is informed by Casey that she aims to achieve one goal with the House of Hammer docuseries in the long run which is that it starts a conversation, it builds a community.

House of Hammer is streaming now on Discovery Plus.