How is Lili Reinhart feeling over Riverdale's ending?
by Ana Walia | Wed, 17 Aug 2022 17:56:18 GMT
Lili Reinhart expresses her emotions over Riverdale's ending. Image Source: Insider 

Lili Reinhart expresses her emotions over Riverdale's ending.

Actress Lili Reinhart, who has recently been seen in Netflix’s latest movie, "Look Both Ways," spoke about Riverdale’s finale season at the premiere of the movie with Will Marfuggi from Entertainment Tonight.

Lili said that it does make her sad that Riverdale is ending and described it as the end of an era in her life, adding that she feels like she is closing on a big chapter of her life as the show ends and she is going to miss the cast and crew so much.

The actress who plays Betty Cooper on the show continued that it’s going to be the last time that they will all be filming together collectively, so they are just going to go into the last season knowing that they are just going to cherish their time together and have fun. Lili said that the cast and crew have not yet started to cry and are just enjoying their hiatus and working on different projects before returning for the final season.

Lili Reinhart continued that they all stay connected via group texts and mentioned that she talks to Camila Mendes, Madeline Petsch, Vanessa Morgan, and Mädchen Amick, but everyone is sort of caught up with their projects at the moment, so they are all waiting for the filming to start so that they can be back on the set for one last time.

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When asked about what she is hoping for Betty Cooper towards the end of the show, she said that she hopes that Betty is happy and knows that she will be okay at the end. Lili continued that she does not know where her character is going to end up, where or how, why, and when, but she just hopes that at the end of the season finale, Betty Cooper is happy and has settled down in the best way possible.

Speaking about her new movie, "Look Both Ways," where Lili Reinhart also serves as an executive producer, said that she found it extremely gratifying to do some work behind the camera as well. She explained that she thought it was really fun to be a part of the process of making a movie and that she was involved in every decision, and lastly, without giving too much information, she said that the movie was made to tell the audience that there is no wrong or right path in life.

Lili revealed that while she is drawn to the darker stuff, she found the script of the movie very heartwarming and comforting, which made her say yes to the project, which showcases that there is no wrong or right path in one’s life and added that she hopes that people who watch it, who have that question of, "What if, what if I did this," think the grass is always greener, and you can see in this movie that both paths are equally beautiful."

Lili responded that they wanted to find a female director for the picture and that they had always wanted to find a mother during a Variety interview when asked how the producers concluded that Wanuri Kahiu was a good fit for the director's decision. Lili added that they wanted to make sure the director would be a working director while also juggling parenting because she is not a mother. Lili remarked that they were fortunate to have come across Wanuri, who she believed would give "Look Both Ways" a grounded reality that would elevate it above a rom-com. The actress claimed that although she doesn't particularly like the term "rom-com," she will nonetheless use it but she thinks it may do a disservice to the film because she thinks it’s more than that.

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Lili Reinhart noted that it is still really about a journey; the romance comes second, but Natalie's journey is what makes this story what it is. This is the tale of a woman who is attempting to balance her relationships while simultaneously pursuing her aspirations, building the job she wants, and being a hard-working mother and a great worker. She expressed her gratitude for the two weeks of pre-production we had before we began filming, during which Wanuri and she worked closely on the screenplay, going scene by scene with Danny, David, and Aisha to ensure that all of the conversations seemed natural and to make it more specific to us.

The actress said that it wasn't just from writing to screen; there was a lot of collaboration involved from all ends. For example, let's adjust things, make sure this feels correct, and make this a cooperative process. Wanuri was also fantastic; she was Natalie's biggest supporter and constantly pushed the idea that she needed to be in control of her future.

 "Look Both Ways" is now streaming on Netflix.