Jay Shetty talks about officiating Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding
by Ana Walia | Mon, 26 Sep 2022 19:21:20 GMT
Jay Shetty talks about officiating Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding. Image Source: The Guardian

Jay Shetty talks about officiating Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding.

During an appearance at the 2022 Global Citizen Festival, Jay Shetty, former monk, current podcast host, and author who also officiated the most talked about marriage of the year, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, spoke to Entertainment Tonight and shared about the wedding, which took place on August 20th in a lavish and grandiose manner in Georgia.

Jay said that he cannot express what an honor it was and added that it was absolutely beautiful. He is going to let the couple share more but did not forget to mention that it was truly special for him and it’s always so beautiful to celebrate love. After an intimate wedding in Las Vegas, the couple got married for the second time in Georgia wedding ceremony. 

He officiated four more weddings as part of the press tour for Jennifer Lopez's 'Marry Me' along with actress Lily Collins and Charlie McDowell's wedding as well. Jay shared that he met Jennifer Lopez a couple of years ago and described her as phenomenal and added that they have had a chance to collaborate a bunch of times and he got to meet the actor through the process, which has been wonderful.

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Jennifer Lopez also appeared on Jay Shetty’s debut episode of Coach Conversations, which later appeared on his podcast On Purpose with Jay Shetty, during which the singer-actress opened up on how therapy had helped her and what her goal was for her. JLo claimed that her calling is to uplift, inspire, and amuse. She accomplishes all three of those things, and via her entertainment, she merely wishes to uplift and inspire others to be the best they can be in whatever they choose to do.

According to the press release, the author hopes that his upcoming book '8 Rules of Love; How to Find it, Keep it and Let It Go', will help readers develop the skills needed to protect and nurture love and that it is not a collection of manipulative techniques.

According to the author, he won't instruct readers on how to transform themselves into the people they want to be or transform others into the people they want them to be. He also promised not to provide readers with pickup lines to attract people's attention. To avoid wasting time on people who aren't right for them, the book will emphasize embracing one's interests and tendencies. Jay Shetty stated earlier this year that learning to love oneself is a necessary step in learning to love others.

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Jay stated that everyone's definition of love is different and should be cultivated to allow you to appreciate that love every day. There are so many viewpoints, portraits, and parables of love all around us every day.He continued by saying that the book will help people move from loneliness to self-awareness because nobody can predict where or when they will find love, but they can prepare for it and put what they have learned into practise when they do.

Jay Shetty is already a best-selling author of the 2020 book Think Like a Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day, a viral sensation with billions of views on his videos, and a favorite among celebrities, having conducted podcast interviews with Lili Reinhart, Matt Damon, and Will Smith, among others.

'8 Rules of Love; How to Find it, Keep it and Let It Go' is up for pre-order.