Justin Bieber calls H&M unapproved merchandise 'trash'
by Ana Walia | Tue, 20 Dec 2022 15:13:46 GMT
Justin Bieber calls out H&M. Image Source: CNN

Justin Bieber calls out H&M.

Justin Bieber, 28, took to his social media to share news about declaring fast-fashion retailer H&M for sale to the public a visual merchandising collection showcasing his name without his approval.

Justin Bieber wrote that he did not approve of any of the merch collection that the brand had put up and all of it is without his permission and approval adding that he is shaking his head but he wouldn’t purchase any of it if it was to him. He later stated in an article that the merchandise created by H&M of him was garbage, that he did not approve of it, and that he urged his fans not to buy it.

Screenshot of Justin Bieber's story. Source: ET Online 

The singer’s fans have been sharing pictures on social media of previously listed items, which included sweatshirts that read "World Tour" and a phone case featuring lyrics from his song "Ghost," but according to the U.S. website of the brand, only a canvas tote bag worth $15 with Justin Bieber’s pictures printed is listed. The 28-year-old also took to the comment thread of an Instagram page @jbiebertraacker, who posted pictures of the merchandise, to express his feelings, writing on December 19 that when everybody finds out he won't approve any of this merch, smh.

After Justin Bieber called the fast-fashion brand out on his social media, fans flooded H&M’s Instagram, asking them to remove the merchandise from their website since it was not approved by the singer. A user wrote that they should stop selling Justin Bieber’s stuff without his knowledge, adding that it’s sketchy, while others wrote that it’s such a shame. Another user commented on the brand's most recent post, claiming that they are simply using Justin Bieber's face and brand without his permission and that they hope the singer sues them.

Screenshot of Justin Bieber's story. Source: ET Online 

A representative for the retailer told Page Six that, as with all other licensed merchandise and collaborations, H&M followed the proper approval procedures. According to Bustle, this isn't the first time H&M has managed to sell clothing featuring Justin Bieber's face, as the country did so in 2016 to advertise his Purpose Tour and again a year later for the Justin Bieber Stadium Tour.

Justin Bieber's merchandise is currently available on his official website, and he launched his clothing line, Drew, in 2019. After copyrighting the name in February 2018, the "Love Yourself" songwriter was seen wearing his pieces several times. Drew House is characterized as a society, a place in which you can feel oneself and adore, urged, safe, and valued" on the website's "About Us" page.